Technologies Used


Using HTML5 enabled us to develop and deploy web content and to create refined and accurate web systems that operate across devices, operating systems, and web browsers.


JQuery made it very easy to use Web Page's DOM, animations, event handling, and executing Ajax calls to servers.

Modern CSS3 Animations

CSS3 transitions powered us to create simple animations that always start as the result of triggering a CSS property change.

The End Result

The website we developed not only helped the client showcase her work in the best way, but also helped her drive more traffic to the site.

This was made possible by making the website responsive and customer friendly. With fast loading speed and an exceptional design, Rougel Innovations gains visitors' attention at the first glance.

Key Features

  • WordPress Custom Theme & Woocommerce
  • Payment and Shipping Method
  • Inventory and Order Management
  • Product Wish List and User Dashboard
  • Product Variation Swatches and Categorization
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • The Brilliance Campaign
  • Discounts and Vouchers

Website Demo

Understanding the client's requirements, we appointed a team of experienced website developers to use the best technology and create a website that meets the client's objectives. We used the most modern technologies and tools to develop and design the website. As required, we continue to infuse more features into the site to keep it updated according to the latest market trends.

WordPress Custom Theme & Woocommerce

We developed a theme that exclusively endorsed every functional feature for Rougel Innovations while pleasing users visually.

Product Variation Swatches and Categorization

AppVerticals customized logos and icons for Rougel Innovations to give their customers a personalized feel and enticing vibes.

Inventory and Order Management

We've integrated a dynamic and flexible order management system that can keep up with what Rougel's business needs.

Product Wish List and User Dashboard

Users can save products that they like for purchasing at a later time and view them in their dashboard along with order history.

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