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A Tremendous Mobile App Technology for all PlatformsCross-Platform App Development & Designing

  • Ionic Framework
  • Unity 3D Platform
  • Xamarin Technology
  • React Native
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Cross-Platform – A Solution to Drive One App on All Platform

  • Versatile

    Having an app build over cross-platform allow your app to get massive attention not only from Linux but all the other existing mobile platforms you are able to name today, it serves all.

  • Control Cost

    Despite the fact that you are able to spend all investment over single platform app, Hybrid allows your app to get exposure of all platforms you wish without having to build them separately for each platform.

  • Fast Development

    In terms of acquiring a custom app, Hybrid reduces time and efforts to turn idea into massive app. Be it a business or startup app, it is one best solution to bring audience from all stores to your app.

Get All Rounder App for all Platforms
One App that plays in all Mobile App Stores

Hybrid which is the best version of your mobile app, allows you move your venture through app with for all types of platform such as iOS, Android, Windows and what not.

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Hybrid Apps – A Future App Trend
Take Smart Move for Smart Apps

If you have an idea to serve through dazzling mobile app, or want to serve your customers with an extraordinary mobile application irrespective of any particular mobile app platform such as iOS or Android, we bring you an absolute way to do avail best out of your plans and target.

App Verticals develop and design cross-platform apps which are versatile, thriving and flexible on all types of platforms you want to build your presence. From retailing to a business-oriented personalized app, we build iconic apps with creative Hybrid app technology to provide you wide range for customized app designs for mobiles and features that are evenly responsive, clear and engaging on all mobile app platforms. If you have a brilliant idea, let’s make it a next big thing with our creative app design and development team to help you get started right now.

Cross-Platforms We Work On


Xamarin's is the cross platform where you can simply build & design a mobile app for yourself, companies, enterprises’ and individuals as well. App Verticals have best team of xamarin studio designer and certified xamarin developer who are experienced and qualified individuals. Platform like xamarin are often compared to native for both android and iOS mobile application development platform in terms of user experience and performance.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D development has become eccentric platform for game development because it is as simple as Adobe Dreamweaver for HTML. It has editor where you can edit code easily and 3D asset import capabilities of any game engine. Unity 3D enables you to deploy games across android, iOS, windows, pc and mac. As per reports they will be adding the major consoles such as Xbox and PS3 into the mix. App Verticals unity 3d developer’s team helps you to build your dream app for your business.


Ionic is an open source framework for mobile app development for smooth performance in iOS, android and windows. It uses an angularJS front-end Javascript framework used to promptly build and high performance mobile apps. Ionic also uses compilers like Cordova and phoneGap to get access to mobile sensors. Hire App Verticals for ionic framework app development for your custom business app.

React Native

React Native is mobile app framework which has JavaScript code library developed by Facebook developers. Building native applications in JavaScript while still delivering a real native user interface, allowing reuse of code across the web and mobile. App Verticals have experience App Developers with comprehensive understanding of UX. Hire team for beginning mobile app development with react native expert developers.

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App Verticals values and priorities in quality and hence we are committed to deliver performance that is par excellence. Our unique proposition lies not only in customer satisfaction but in customer retention as well. If acquiring a customer is a science, we are the masters of acquiring client’s loyalty through our continuous and dedicated services.

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Cross-Platform Application Development Process

Pioneer in Creating & Mastering Custom Mobile App to Perfection

Strategy Formulation

Our strategists devise customer oriented strategies that help increase the overall ROI of your business


Creative Design

Our designers are known for producing bespoke designs that are functional and well integrated into the system

Development & Integration

Our cross-platform appiaction developers create a striking interface which is 100% bug-free and matches with the approved designs


Project Launch

Just before the launch of a cross-platform application, our stringent quality assurance team carry out rigorous testing that ensures that the project is up and running

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