Cross Platform Development

Code Once

Run on All Platforms

Feature-Rich Apps With Cost-Effective Solutions

Save your time and money by opting for effective and profitable solutions. With the increase of smartphone devices, we can build applications compatible with all platforms. Take the practical approach and maximize your reach.

  • Re-usability

    One multi-platform code can be used to deploy on multiple platforms and devices.

  • Cost-effective

    Developing a single cross-platform app is more cost-effective compared to native apps.

  • Timely

    Hybrid app development is faster and can get you to the market in no time!

Cross-platform Apps SERVICES

Smarter development for smart applications

With the advancement in technologies, you need to keep up and manage your work smarter, not harder. Hybrid app development allows you to deploy the code on multiple operating systems, be it Android, iOS or even windows.

Our one-code-fits-all solution can help you cut the cumulative cost and also get an interactive app that delivers maximum output. Our dedicated development team is capable of delivering you the right customization, maintenance, and 24/7 support. Connect to a larger audience and increase revenue; With our support, you can get a powerful tool that meets all your business needs.

Proven Development Process

We analyze your business and draft out relevant strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are a startup or a global company, we ensure that you get the right solution that suites your business processes.


What Can AppVerticals Do For You?

Process Oriented

Starting from scratch, we analyze brands and outline a process to offer an exclusive layout to your website and application that is highly functional.


The app we craft for you, will be SEO optimized and draw organic traffic. Our futuristic approach ensures your business always stays ahead.

Functionality Focused

Whether you want a cart service or wish to monitor conversion rates, our development team can design an app completely customized to your needs.

The Right Brand

Our team creates content using the right marketing tools to develop a brand identity and use social media to promote your app.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the maintenance package that you have chosen and the overall complexity of the project. We do offer free maintenance of 30-60 days for applications developed by us. We are available to help you throughout the process via email, chat and Skype.
We take care of release and deployment for you so that your app is fully functional and thriving.
We believe that customer feedback is our most important asset. This is why you are kept in the loop throughout the development process. You get a customized solution for your needs so there are a few chances that you will not like the app we develop for you.
Because of our numerous successful projects, we have credibility that will allow your app to get approved in the shortest time. If you need it to get approved under the name of your company and not the developer, it will take longer.
In addition to the app development team, we also have a highly talented team of marketeers and business developers that can provide an exceptional product outlook to your customers after the app is published.
We are happy to sign an NDA and we have our own mutual NDA as well. We believe in preserving integrity at all costs.
Definitely! We provide graphic designing for all your app needs and we also have a team for this task if you need something at a larger scale.
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