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The project MOBe was built on the idea to provide remote access to office documents to make them more accessible and easy to carry. MOBe software comes with its set of machines (printer, scanner) and hardware that are installed at multiple locations across the ...

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Luminaire is a web application that was developed to assist users in their home designing process. Whether a person is building a new home or renovating their existing living space, finding the perfect lightening with the right size, wattage and size can be a hassle...

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A multi-vendor ecommerce portal designed for property management companies that allow them to register their different properties and assign a monthly or GL Code level budget to it. ESS gives properties the ease to purchase items from different vendors ...

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Our client R&D Altanova is a leading provider of full-turn critical test interface solutions that specializes in Advanced Technology Printed Circuit Board Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Manufacturing services. The organization with over ...

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A social networking application that allows the user to stay connected with a circle of likeminded people through events or any social gathering taking place near to their marked location. Through the use of this application, a user ...

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3D DigiFab

3D DigiFab is an e-commerce application designed to provide an immersive experience where a user can design, upload and print a 3D model of any object they like. The application was developed to serve both professional and recreational purposes giving the user the leverage...

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