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Event Slack

Never miss any event. Never!

Ready to socialize?

Physical interaction is a vital part of every community, that’s why we have stepped in to renovate the concept of socializing. You will never miss out, on an event of your interest.

Many kinds of social media applications in the market are trying to bridge the gap between users from all around the world without physical interaction.

We, on the other hand, promote physical contact and bring people together in a community. By studying user’s activities and hobbies, our app can filter out authentic places and events that interest the user.

For better relationships and community development, we have to opt the traditional method. So with a touch of technology and tradition, we devised a system that reunites our society and improves our wellbeing.

This is How we do it

Using Google map, our app filters out all the places and communities where you have joined, and with the help of a search engine it narrows down events that you should attend.

Build connections

Never miss out on an event of your interest. We give you an opportunity to not only revive with loved ones but to make new connections as well, for the positive vibes that you desire.

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