Unburden yourself,

Leave database management

to R&D Altanova

We deliver full turn-key test interface solutions for IC testing and auto-manage your companies work log as well. So you can easily focus on the industry matters, that require your focus and time. Trust our proficient management solution and leave all the basics to us.

Human Resource system

Our HRIS system keeps track of your company’s agenda by improving HR productivity. We increase the efficiency of your company by managing your employee information database, payroll management, and scheduling optimization.

State-of-the-art tools for quality production_ Reliable Features

Work Tracking

R&D Altanova helps you keep a record of your company’s work and progress, so you’re always one step ahead in business strategies.

Work Tracking

Employee management

Managing your employee database can be quite a spine breaking task, however we can help you get it done within a matter of minutes.

Employee management

Quality Reports

Errors can cost you a lot of complications, both financially and legally. Our software minimizes the chance of errors and delivers quality reports.

Quality Reports

Simple functionality

We devised simple and easy to understand spreadsheets and interfaces, that allow for a thorough inspection of all your products so that you can filter out even the slightest of inaccuracy. We help you deliver electronics with the minimum possibility of errors.

Ease of use

With the help of our professional UI developers we crafted a user interface that is fairly easy to understand and use. Framed using fine color selections and a simple layout, we took an approach to enhance your user experience.

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