10 Brilliant Tips to Market your Mobile App

So, you are finally done with your mobile app. Get through all of the development phases and designing discussions for your app and now you look forward to cashing your effort. But how? definitely, with a great marketing strategy!

This is the time you must have been thinking about how to market your app to make the most of it. And it’s exactly as important as all of the development phases you have been concerned about. I suppose you understand the importance of a good marketing strategy at the completion of mobile app development.

For your app marketing, you may either reach out to your existing mobile app development company (if they serve the marketing services) or simply consult a marketing agency to market your app the right way.

1) Define Your Landing Page.

Create a simple and easily comprehendible intro of your app. It’s better to keep a single short sentence that does the job effectively. You can take inspiration from some well-performing apps like Uber, “Mobilizing more than 700 cities” or Tinder. Both of these serve one of the best examples. Your explanation should serve your purpose perfectly.

2) Start a Blog

Writing blogs that are relevant to the core services you provide is always a wise approach. It helps promote your app and let people know what you have to offer them. It is simply because compelling easily understandable content is one of the best tools to make people download your app. Regular updates on your focused areas regard you as a niche expert and lead to more downloading.

3) Use Social Media

Use social media to promote your mobile app. Choose your strategy for your social media app marketing strategy wisely. Many people think copy and pasting a downloadable link is enough. However, users required something worth downloading, or otherwise, they probably would ignore and move on. Try to be interesting and engage your audience through teasing and intriguing. Build your campaigns in a way that it remains click-worthy and share-worthy. Be creative, but about your intro text, but keep it simple enough to grasp.

4) Create a Video Intro for Your App

Video intro is a strong tool to make vivid traces in the viewers’ memory about your app. however, the starting part of your video should be able to grasp viewers’ attention so that they play the video till the end.

Make sure that before launching a video, you have spread some sort of awareness about your app among your target audience through different kinds of advertisements and promotional campaigns. Creating a video wisely with a strong concept wouldn’t necessarily cost a lot but in an affordable way. You can have a look at Sandwich Video for a good video inspiration.

5) Ask for App Reviews

Ask different app review sites to write a review for your app. there are a ton of app review sites on the internet, but you need to stay wise in choosing for your app. Don’t rush to get known by the whole world and better focus on relevant locations and audiences. Moreover, as soon as you acquire users, ask them to write a review for your app. try asking when they are happy with your app. for instance, Uber asks their users to rate their app when they rate a ride with 5 stars. Uber does this because they know the user is satisfied at the moment and most likely would rate the app with good ratings.

6) Create and Share Interesting Info-graphics

Create good infographics and spread it among your target audience. You can ask your mobile app development company to provide brief information about your app features and use them to teach your audience about your app through infographics.

Make sure that you clearly define the problem your app solves. Share it as a statement and use that to define your target customers.

7) Start a Community

Start a community for your app. This community gathers people who face the same problem that your app solves. For instance, if your app provides mass commute, call people who suffer from transportation issues on a daily basis. On the other hand, if your app is a beauty filter camera, gather young people who look forward to a better selfie solution. You can start your community on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

However, try to highlight the problem through your community and not your brand or the solution. In simpler words, your social media or local community should not look like the obvious marketing of your app.

To help your audience have a clear idea of what your app does, you can record a podcast. Talk about the issue in your show and in the end, provide them with the solution, i.e., your mobile app. A mobile app development company or a marketing agency can help you achieve all of your app-related requirements.

8) Contact Local Community

If your app is intended to provide service to the locals, send promotions through local mail service.  A welcome letter or card containing some freebies or giveaway is a great way to onboard new users. Moreover, you can offer discounts and promo codes if your app is applicable to them. You can also host giveaways to engage users.

9) Become a Guest Blogger.

you can contribute to other websites and share your services through that. This is how you will be able to put a link back to your app into your bio. This will drive users to check or even end up downloading your app.

10) Use Invitation Links or Messages

Create an invite system if it works for your app. give some rewards to the invitation sender, and as a result, you end up with more and more new users. Users who get some rewards for inviting their friends are likely to send out the invites. Candy Crush and Uber are famous examples.

The Verdict

Marketing is a final and one of the most crucial steps for a mobile app development process. However, your app must fulfill the expected quality presented through advertisements and promotions. Marketing and development rely on each other to get impacted through quality.

If you create a good marketing strategy and succeed in gathering a considerable proportion of audiences through those campaigns, but it doesn’t meet users’ expectations due to the flaws in the development side, your app may fail. Make sure you get your mobile app development services from a top-notch mobile app development company.

If you want to get an out-performing app without the loops and flaws that cost you more in the form of loss, get in touch with our experts to get a free consultation about mobile app development services in Dallas.

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