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On the lookout for an easy yet effective solution? You have come to the right place. Shopify has all the essentials for your online store, and you can own an influential website to enchant your customers.

  • Effortless

    No need for complex technical know-how, Shopify offers an easier establishment platform

  • Gateway

    Shopify provides vast payment gateway options, customers can shop anytime anywhere

  • Integration

    Driving audience to your online shop will be more effective with Facebook integration


All you need for an engaging online store

Do what you do best; Business. Let Shopify handle the rest. Get a stunning eCommerce store and keep your visitors hooked with a customized site or choose from 100s of templates for the perfect store theme.

Shopify provides the best shopping experience and state-of-art security for your store. Whether your customers pay in Yen or Dollars, all payments are secured. Manage your site from anywhere from the easy admin panel on your phone.

Highly Exotic Pharmacy

Veterinary Drug Store

Highly Exotic Pharmacy is a substantial veterinary drug store where you can get all kinds of meds for your pets. Their online store has reached the pinnacle of success with AppVertical's optimal services, allowing them to maintain and manage their online store seamlessly.


Honey Organics

Cannabidiol, CBD, Supplement Store

Honey Organics sells 100% organic CBD products that are now taking over the health market. In order to optimize tablet and mobile views for their customers, AppVerticals developed custom extensions for their website.


Brazilian Outfits

Fashion, Clothing brand

LUV Brazilian Clothes is a leading Brazilian fashion manufacturer and retailer of contemporary Brazilian fashion items for women. With no stone left unturned, our web designers have made this site stand out among other competitive websites.


What Can AppVerticals Do For You?

Process Oriented

We start from scratch; decide what kind of mobile app you'd like to build. Find the app you want, think of its features that appeal to you, and how this app can be improved. We will help you at every step.


We design and develop SEO-optimized android apps to draw organic traffic. We always target the right consumers to do your business at the top.

Right Development Approach

The development approach of every mobile application is a lot different from others based on its purpose and requirements. We always develop applications as per your instructions.

Affordable Budget

Although companies love having a mobile application, they do not like the idea of spending a lot of money on it. That's why we are providing the mobile app at very affordable rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify contains SEO features such as customizable headlines, titles and meta tags that can allow your site to rank higher in search results. Satisfied customers can also post reviews and increase your site’s credibility.
POS is called Point of Sale which allows merchants to accept credit card payments made by customers to their store via mobile application.
Absolutely! Shopify caters to both small and larger enterprises and allows the selling of thousands of goods from online stores. It is a simple and effective solution and can be a great option for your business.
Custom Shopify development is our expertise. Whether you need changes to a theme, or complete custom integrations, we can do it so you get the dream app you want.
All credit card payments go to your bank account. This bank account is a merchant account for your Shopify store where you receive payments from customers.
We offer you methods of growing your online business by doing SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Optimization.
Yes, Shopify is certified level 1 PCI DSS Compliant and all customer information including payment information is secure.
Absolutely! We offer all-rounder packages that include a marketing strategy based on extensive research into your business and competition.
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