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    VTL News

    VTL News is the best news app that keeps its users alert on all local and global updates and lets them post, comment and share the news on other social platforms. It was established to provide readers with the latest news. VTL news app covers up-to-date article topics from business to politics to social issues from every region of the United States and the world. It brings you new information and insights.

    Key Features

    • News post with like, commenting,

      and sharing feature
    • Different user’s

    • Subscription

    • User handled

    • Search news, save,

      and bookmark

    Ads portal followed by

    active Ads analytics

    Key Challenges

    • 1. The biggest challenge was to make the app as user-friendly, easy-to-use, immersive, and smooth as possible with the help of the proposed revenue model.
    • 2. Integration of multiple features in the application
    • 3. Fusing the Ads portal in application
    • 4. The team faced many challenges throughout the app development phase, such as revamping the app design and architecture of the backend interfaces.

    Key Technology

    Key Solutions Achieved By AppVerticals

    With our team’s unfailing efforts at AppVerticals and the explicit goal of our client, VTL News came out as a unique news app.

    • ___ We first brainstorm the ideas to add useful functionalities that increase user engagement.
    • ___ Our team had lengthy yet successful conversations in which we shared the ideas that would make the ultimate news app
    • ___ We assessed the value of features concerning the targeted audience.
    • ___ We integrated ReactJS, React Native, and Node.js frameworks to develop language and function.
    • ___ The technology we used in VTL News is subscription modules, news APIs, and payment integration.
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