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    iOS, Android, LAMP

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    Firebase, ZenDesk

Business Problem

The Client Came To Appverticals With A Concept Of Creating A Wallet Of His Own Cryptocurrency.

Key Challenges

  • As online BTC ATMs are new to the market, so the programming and designing system was complex.
  • Ensuring transactions and payments are prfocessed properly in the wallets.
  • 3rd party platform integration.
  • This concept was new, which caused some delays in development and production.
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Key Results

  • Our team devised cutting-edge solutions to meet each obstacle.
  • We have worked hard to maintain the app’s quality by keeping it responsive and fast to load.
  • We employed a hot wallet, digital signatures, identity verification to avoid theft, and chat integration
  • We integrate React Native for a user-friendly app experience

AppVerticals Solution

When we created the fundamental concept for this application, we realized we had to build something remarkable, engaging, and life-changing.

Approaches That Lead To The Final Result

  • We first started research on the 3rd party platforms, for initiating online transactions.
  • Our development team came together with a brand-altering method. We used React Native framework to develop Bitbox.
  • We integrated Google map and API integration, Bitgo, Twilio, Plaid, Onfido.

Key Technology

Back End
Front End
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure
Other Tools
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Node Js

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Amazon EC2

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Stripe Connect

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Atlassian JIRA

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Amazon S3

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Google Firebase

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MS Visio

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Bitbox Highlights

BitBox is a platform that negates the hassle of selling BTC online and getting real time cash-out services to customers accounts. It offers buying services for digital currencies like BTC, ETH, BTG, USDC, etc. Bitbox’s main feature is that it lets you purchase bitcoins easily and allows you to add real cash to your wallet without theft. We have integrated high-tech software and frameworks, including React Native in the making.
The application uses essential design elements and a red & black theme to convey elegance and visual appeal to the eyes. Its features and functionalities enhance the user experience and foster a link between the app and the visitor, resulting in a favorable brand image and experience.

What Makes Bitbox Different?

The concept of Bitbox is new to the world because it offers real-time cash-out services to customers accounts in USA. All the 3rd party platform integration and online digital transactions make it more unique in the world of cryptocurrency. This mobile application is a future highlight that lets its users use BTC ATMs online and purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using cash or debit card.
It was a challenging assignment, but at AppVerticals, we are prepared to make dreams and ideas a reality. We are the proud initiators of this app that stands out in the cryptocurrency market.

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ShowcasingThe Services

  • Cryptocurrency Development

    Scrypt Algorithm, LiteCoin Source, C, CPP, Python, Shell script, AES

  • Wallet

    PHP, Python, Node.js, Android App (Java, Kotlin, XML, CPP), iOS (Swift), AES

  • Explorer

    MEAN, BCrypt

  • Region

    United States of America

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  • Website

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