Fishing Companion

People all over the world love to fish, and some even make their livelihoods on the water. Thanks to Fi$hfin, you can do a lot more. Selling your location, starting a tour guide business, and selling fishing gear, are just some things you can do with the Fi$hfin app.

Your Handy

Fishing Companion

Make your fish hunting exciting with Fi$hfin. If you are a fishing freak and love to socialize with enthusiasts across the world, Fi$hfin is the right app for you. Fi$hfin is designed to function as an add on with fish finders and smart sonars. It helps to display the fish's current location, the water's temperature, topography, and water depth. You can see these parameters and more on your smartphone screen.

The app's unique feature is that you can save all of your fishing memories on your app profile,connect with fishing buddies, earn via selling location or gears, buy the best fishing spots, and register as a guide with no commission.



Fishing is a thrilling activity that anyone can do on their own. People like to get involved in activities that give them a break from everyday life.

The Fi$hfin application helps you connect with veteran anglers who would like to help you with exciting recreational activities and all kinds of fishing.The fishing business in the U.S. market is vast, yet charters struggle to build customer trust when they start their operations. Hence, Fi$hfin provides a platform where charters can get customers or have trips booked without having to overcome the trust deficit on their own. We offer no-commission registration to charters that can help them grow their business and earn a sound living through the platform.

The Beginning

The Three Magical Questions

Our journey started with three instrumental questions:

Will having fishing gear, perfect fishing locations, and experienced guides on one platform be useful?


How will the platform bring fishermen together under one umbrella and help set the foundation for a high impact fishing community?


Will the application be something that our non-technical staff using excel sheets can seamlessly adapt to?


The three questions above are the fundamental questions we started with on this challenging and exciting journey that have helped us build the platform and provide a comprehensive solution.

Do you think these solutions will help you on your fishing journey?


  • Register_as_a_guide
    Register as a guide

    You can register yourself as a guide with paying any commissions.

  • Add_fishing_buddy
    Add fishing buddy

    Make your fishing plans fun by adding a fishing buddy along with you.

  • catch_log
    Catch log

    You will be able to log your catches and share them.

  • Fishing_Spots
    Fishing Spots

    Fishfin allows you to buy and sell fishing spots that other anglers have listed.

  • fishing_gears
    Sell fishing gears

    Sell your fishing gears with Fishfin.

  • Book_a_trip
    Book a trip

    Book the trip with our experienced guides and make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Build_your_profile
    Build your profile

    Build a cool profile where you can easily upload your stories and comment on others' profiles.

  • Weather_View
    Weather View

    We will provide you with a detailed weather forecast before you head out on your trip.

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Advanced Dashboards

To provide impactful insights and facilitate intelligent decision making


Smart Performance Matrics

To provide impactful insights and facilitate intelligent decision making





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