How To Use Digital Storytelling To Captivate Your App Audience

Digital marketing to captivate your app audience

Storytelling works as the foundation to establish the buyer-seller relationship.  Having a great relationship with your app users not only makes them happy, but it can turn single conversion into long-term beneficial relationships leading to higher sales.

People become app millionaires because they built a strong brand, following, or story

Marketing is not limited to the product you make but the stories you share with your audience.

Mobile Apps nearing 1.96 million apps on the App store and 2.9 million apps on Google Play Store, while users watching 4000-10,000 ads each day, digital storytelling is the future of content marketing.

Brand Storytelling: Five Key Attributes

Incorporate five critical attributes of digital storytelling into your app marketing and branding strategy. It helps you to maximize your marketing impact and leave a memorable mark.  

Brand Buidling

Brand voice: Identify your brand voice. Should you be using a casual or formal language with your app audience? Depending on your niche and business nature, use the one that best defines your business identity and brand.

Brand tone: Set the tone of your brand by sticking to a certain value and emotion. Your brand should portray a tone helping your audience understand the core value of your brand.

Perspective: You want to create a maximum impact through your story. Stories can be shared in either a first-person narrative or in a third-person narrative. However, you can also use the second-person narrative to engage the readers.

Language: Use words wisely. Build your brand in a way that your audience can relate to it. Use words and images that reflect upon them.

Brand’s Face: Narrate your brand story by using words, tone, and expressions that construct your brand’s personality. ­­­­­­

Share Your Brand’s Story

Having some insights about marketing, you must know that people don’t buy on behalf of a company. But rather, they go after a story, a message, an idea behind a brand. What actually compels them to buy from a certain brand is the behind story of the company or brand. This remains even more true for app marketing. There are thousands of thousands of apps available on the app stores, and you should tell a compelling story to convert users to your app. Just like other business niches share their story on social media, an app must share its story on multiple digital platforms to captivate its audience.

Reinforce Your Brand’s Message And Story

As an App development company, we share our values and traits that make us different from others. Similarly, mobile apps must reinforce the brand’s message into their marketing strategy to make them authentic and real among users.

Build credibility for your brand and makes your content relevant. Share information related to the technology, updates, and processes that have followed while developing a product.  Every piece of information you share is a way to reinforce the story you are trying to communicate, no matter how simple or small it is.

Turn Updates into Stories – Digital Storytelling

The best way to tell a story is to tell things that actually happened. Tell true stories in your posts and updates. Structure them well to make them captivating for your audience.

Storytelling on Facebook

Share your story on major digital platforms, including Facebook, by turning your status updates into small blog posts. This entices extensive comments, likes, and shares. However, you can also share information on other platforms beneficial for digital storytelling.

Storytelling on Twitter

Twitter is a Unique Social platform with a 140 character limit, but it still can work as an awesome tool for telling stories. In fact, working within a character limit inspires more creativity.

If you think it impossible to share a story in 140 characters, see how you can do it.

Telling Stories Digitally on Twitter

The first Tweet can initiate a story then followed by a series of tweets that adds to the story and lead to a compelling climax and resolution.

Use consecutive tweets for storytelling. Add tweet by tweet for digital storytelling. The step-by-step storytelling creates anticipation, which is the best way to make a story captivating.

Storytelling on Instagram

A photo-centric app, Instagram can also be used to narrate a compelling story to your audience.

Share Consecutive Posts to Tell a Broader Story. Post an image and write a caption that tells a simple narrative. Another way to share a story on social media is to use consecutive updates to tell the story, from beginning to end.

Combine Elements of Story into Social/Digital Posts

The concept of “story” is basic; it entices the audience to know more and create curiosity among them. When they learn and get educated about your product, there are higher chances that they will think about using it. This is how you increase the chances of conversion for your app through digital storytelling.

Focus on the essential elements of stories, including the beginning, conflict, climax, and resolution, and incorporate them in your content.

Add drama, if Applicable!

Stories are most compelling when they include conflict and resolution. Whether you are sharing behind-the-scenes about the facilities, favorable situations, or challenges in building products, sharing details of your work will draw readers in.

10 Ways You Can Use To Share Your Brand Story And Captivate Your App Audience

Your app story and branding should set it apart among others. You can use multiple brand storytelling ideas to captivate audiences and turn them into loyal users. 

Integrate stories about your business and its unique qualities to establish your mark. You can find answers to the following questions and share them among your app audience to keep them well connected.

  1. How did it all start? Tell your audience how did you turn an idea into an app?
  2. How did you choose the name for your app or business? It can add character and charisma to your business if your audience knows about the history of how you named it.
  3. What is your brand’s history? When did it start and evolve? What makes it unique?
  4. Did your app begin at a specific location? Share stories associated with the location.
  5. What is the story behind your app’s logo? Share it with others to make your brand seem real to your target audience.
  6. Have you ever struggled to overcome adversity in your business? Share with your audience to keep them inspired.
  7. Does your brand work for a special cause? If so, why is it important to your brand, and what value it brings to society?
  8. Is your company associated with a social or welfare program? Did it contribute to making improvements in others’ life? Share with your app users if you have been involved in solving a problem.
  9. Share “behind the scenes” with your app audience. You can invite a renowned person, blogger, or celebrity to visit your company and share how it is like to spend a day at your company. This contributes to building trust in your work ethics and processes.
  10. Brand stories add life to your brand, and it seems real to your audience. Share a meaningful story to add value to your app.
  11. Is there any traditional story or idea associated with your app? Share them with your audience to lure them to your app.
  12. Does your brand use a symbol? If so, share the backstory of that symbol?

You can use these questions to form a strong digital presence on social media and other digital platforms.

The bottom Line

If you want your product to be in the limelight, use digital storytelling to captivate your app audience.

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