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What Are The
Product Prototype
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Prototyping is a quick process of building products to measure customer feedback and learn how to improve the product to ensure business success. Let’s think about our purchasing experience - how we compare and validate products to determine what’s right for us. We tend to buy products that look good and then judge quality based on touch, feel weight, and ease of use. Knowing this, designers and developers need to use the same mindset when creating products to bring the best possible solution for the end user.

Design Development

Design Development

We are proud of our expert designers and developers who are able to understand your requirements and create products that will not only amaze your but your target audience as well.

Electronic Prototype

Electronic Prototype Design

Electronic prototype design allows us to bring life to products and help get more refined feedback from focus groups and beta testers.


CAD Design

Along with the production of original CAD designs, our design team can also perform small tasks such as adjusting CAD design to existing CAD models and production drawings directed at construction.

Design Tests

Design Tests

Product examples and design tests allow you to understand and identify any potential problems with original designs and adjust accordingly before proceeding; they help you avoid any design-related manufacturing problems that may add to your cost or delay the production process.

How AppVerticals Product Prototyping

Services Can Help You

From ideation to prototype launch, our team is here to serve and guide you through the complete product prototyping process.

Smart MVP
Smart MVP

Creating smart MVPs allows us to ensure that once you get adequate investment, we'll be able to create the final product without any major issues or changes.

Rapid Prototypes
Rapid Prototypes

Rapid prototypes are very important to help reduce risk, ensure feasibility, and analyze performance.

Higher Reliability Guaranteed
Higher Reliability Guaranteed

Working with a prototype at first ensures that any performance issues are resolved before the final production phase ever begins.

Sell Your Prototype
Sell Your Prototype

While you might want to see your prototype become a full fledged product, a functional prototype will definitely catch the eyes of any investor.

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The list of prototyping tools AppVerticals designers use for different purposes is extensive: Pixate, InVision, Marvel, Framer, Flinto, and Origami. Often, the choice of tool and its usage depend on the work and the choice of the designer assigned. All the tools mentioned have their advantages and disadvantages.

We have expert designers who are true masters at both Photoshop or Sketch. Depending on the particular needs of your business, we can recommend the best tool for you. If you have any preference, we can assign a designer who is better suited to the selected tool.

It depends. Although we prefer to follow our in depth tried and tested design process, you can definitely send us your current designs. Our team will evaluate those designs and suggest any changes needed. We want to create the best product possible and to that end we want to empower you with the decades of experience that we have accumulated as a team.

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Creating a mobile app needs multiple design and development technologies. Explore the best ones we work on to deliver amazing mobile apps.

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    We offer custom food delivery app development services for restaurants and food businesses.

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    AppVerticals provides top-notch, featured-rich, and customized social networking app development services.

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