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    Over the years, our health care app development services have helped provide custom solutions for top level stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

    Why Are Healthcare App Development Services Important?

    Innovation and technology are making a difference in the healthcare industry. The most sought-after applications in the healthcare industry deliver the fastest and best service to the patient department. These kinds of healthcare apps allows patients to contact their doctors immediately, anywhere, and anytime.

    Modern healthcare applications have filled a vital space that has enabled patients to get the care they need instantly. The elderly are most at risk when it comes to managing their health. Our healthcare solutions are tailored to ensure that patients are able to connect with their primary healthcare providers while the attending physicians have ready access to healthcare records ensuring that care is delivered without delay. A comprehensive healthcare application will help reduce booking times and ensure that patients are given reminders for their appointment dates. With our team, your healthcare solution will help change lives for the better.


    Healthcare Mobile Applications

    Our team is always ready to turn your idea into a feature rich and easy-to-use mobile healthcare platform.


    Telemedicine Solutions

    Telemedicine solutions are acting as a much needed bridge between patients who aren't able to walk into a clinic and their primary care providers. We deliver state of the art telemedicine solutions that will help connect your patients with your medical staff and help grow your business.


    Healthcare IoT Solutions

    We've successfully integrated IoT with healthcare solutions ensuring that patient healthcare is monitored at all times. Enriching the lives of patients and delivering cutting edge solutions is something that we've extremely proud to have achieved.

    Why Choose AppVerticals Healthcare

    App Development Agency

    At AppVerticals, we have years of experience creating customized solutions for the healthcare industry. From integrated management systems to VR/AR technology, hospital management systems to telemedicine solutions, we've played our role in creating solutions that help people.

    With every healthcare app, our goal is not only to provide a solution to a pressing problem, but we really prioritize and focus on providing a memorable experience to patients, physicians and other stakeholders

    Outstanding Features

    Of Our Healthcare App Development Services

    Real-Time Tracking

    Customers can track their booked doctors in real time. This also allows them to check the estimated cost of the appointment or procedure and the exact time of the appointment.

    Hassle-Free Booking

    Patients can book their medical examinations now or later. This brings flexibility to the healthcare service and provides instant notifications.

    Advanced Report

    Patients, physicians and staff, depending on their access level, will be able to view detailed reports about the patient's health status and results. This helps eliminate the time it takes for information to be transferred between different parties.

    Service Review

    Patients can have the functionality to review the level of care given, hospital or physician. These reviews can be displayed on the relevant website to give greater authenticity and help build trust.

    Flexible Payment Option

    We can integrate a number of third party payment processors to ensure that the patient can pay their due on time. We can also add a feature to take split payments or partial payments to further facilitate the patient.


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    Health Care Application


    We have a tried and tested process to create healthcare apps. We have an initial discovery call with all stakeholders involved and start the process from there. We move on to the design and then to the development phase. The final product needs to pass a rigorous testing process before we're ready to launch the app. Throughout the process we're in constant contact with the client to ensure that their vision is being carried out and that any minor changes are made as soon as possible.

    The cost depends on your app; it varies from app to app.

    An experienced healthcare app development company will act as your technical counsel and provide you the insights you need to make a sound healthcare solution. With our help and guidance, your healthcare platform will not only benefit your business but it will also help your patients and end users tremendously.

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