Why Should You Consider Using Python for App Development?


Is it a good idea to use Python language for app development?

App development is one of the most valuable technologies in the present era. Many industries use apps to provide the end-users with easy online access to their services, while some modern business models depend entirely on apps to operate. Knowing all of this, many professionals consider app development a beneficial tool.

However, developing an app requires programmers to pick up a programming language. Different languages come with various features that may or may not make them suitable for app development tasks. Python is considered one of the best to use for app development among the latest programming languages, and there are many reasons why that is so.

Python is a popular programming language with the title of the top programming language of 2019 while competing with the original coding language, Java. It offers an array of features that can simplify app development and help develop efficient apps in less time by making the process easier. Here, this article lists some of the reasons you should consider using Python for app development. Let’s start with building a better understanding of Python first, and we will then move to the advantages of this language and the apps developed with this language.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented programing language used for high-level programming tasks. The language consists of built-in structures that contain data and codes for developers to use for a convenient app development experience. Developers can use Python as a script to combine different commands and components to create a new app with a unique structure and system.

To explain it further, Python has an easy-to-learn syntax that offers readable coding. Programmers can also create reusable codes and modules that make the job even more efficient. Additionally, Python also supports cross-platform coding that further adds to the list of advantages that it offers. Let’s explore the details of benefits achieved with the use of Python.

Readable and Understandable

As we just discussed briefly above, Python’s syntax makes it one of the most favorite languages for programming smartphone applications. Considered one of the best coding languages for beginners, Python allows developers to express concepts while avoiding excessive codes. This modern programming language is renowned for making complex things simple. And this is one of the reasons why it is considered suitable for beginners to learn. They can use English keywords instead of punctuations to write codes. In short, the language simplifies complex coding to make it more understandable, readable, and, thus, easily maintainable.


Python enables developers to run programs by adding them to the interpreter and running them directly without compiling. There is no other language that has this particular feature. In addition to this, another attribute of Python that helps in saving time is that Python code is easy to rectify because of its quick error-recognizing characteristic. These points make sure that Python developers are enabled to run their codes quickly.


Python supports multiple operating systems, including iOS, Windows, Android, and more. That means programmers can rely on Python interpreters to run their code across multiple platforms without a hassle. They do not need to modify the application code to run on different platforms by end-users.

Test-driven Development

App developers using Python can quickly develop prototypes of software applications as it is quick and easy to do so with this language. They can do coding and testing simultaneously. Developers can refactor the codes used in prototypes to develop different apps. Python operates with a Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology that makes it convenient to test prototypes before going for a full-fledge app development project.

Strong Standard Library

Not only that Python allows users to use modules, but it also gives them access to a robust standard library. Coders can select from a wide selection of modules available in the library for their programs efficiently. That means professionals can add several new functionalities and features to their coding without writing extra codes. They need to browse through the library and choose modules that can enhance their projects in different aspects, including the interface, functions for particular platforms, and more.

Python Supports Big Data

Big Data is gradually becoming an essential part of the IT industry. The latest technology devices integrate with big data, and Python is the most used language for its development. Python possesses an extensive range of libraries to work on Big Data. Above all, compared to other languages, it is easier and quicker to code for Big data projects with Python making it a popular choice of web app development companies worldwide.

Large Community and Sponsors

Community support is another factor that makes a programming language popular among developers. It helps a broad audience understand and use the language consistently and reluctantly. Unlike many other languages, Python has a solid community base for worldwide python users who can take active guides and tutorials from widespread community support. On top of this, having a sponsor like a tech giant, Google can add a significant reason to make any language popular.

The Bottom Line

Python is one of the most user-friendly programming languages out there, best suited for handling data and analysis. That makes the language a top priority for developers around the globe.

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