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How to Transform your Idea into a Mobile App

Umer Uzair

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The idea of mobile App development has been a game-changer for a lot of people. Throughout the mobile app evolution, the concept has been modified to a great extent. From mere usability of a product to an unforgettable user experience, things have changed a lot. A mobile app development idea may result from a solution to some of the existing problems faced by prospective users. Transforming an idea into an application requires a strategy that works throughout the process of mobile app development and its launch. Minimum viable product (MVP) is a strategy to start building an app. The process goes through several stages of tests and improvements before growing big. Your app needs a feature set to begin with.

Feature Set for your App

A detailed description of all the functionalities that you would include in your app makes a feature set of your app. This includes all the must-haves of your application. The resulting product would require the solutions offered, including great user experience in design and interface. Understanding of current UI/UX design trends can be a good read for this concern. Moreover, your app must include supporting features. For instance, a user looking for a shopping solution for grocery needs, not only require products but an easy way to adding them to cart and checking out. Adding a home delivery option in such apps requires the arrangement delivery-persons to ensure timely deliveries of the product.

Also, some of the users may look for getting an urgent delivery service. For them, there would be a need to arrange a section that caters to such needs. Solving the users’ problem in this would add more features to the app adding more value to it. In the beginning, you would need to list down some of the features that you think are useful. However, not all the issues can be gauged within the beginning of the application. It is suggestible to create a centralized hypothesis for the feature set based on the targeted audience to determine its real value.

Targeting the Right Audience for Your App

Finding the right audience is the next step to your mobile app development. According to the concept and usability of the app, you need to define your Target Audience audience precisely. If you find teenagers your Target group, you need to classify your search further. Since teenagers use their smartphones more than other laptop or tablets, a smartphone app would target more people.

Defining the right audience is a crucial step to your mobile app development.

Find the data that aligns with the audience for iOS or Android App. Conduct user research that what kind of app will help the people in their daily lives. Thorough research about users’ preferences would give you good foundations for your mobile app development. For instance, Dallas mobile app development company or app developers in Dallas must conduct the research in the same location to meet the users need in their particular location. The features of an app should be customized according to its location preferences. In addition, the research activity is also helpful to let people aware of your product and do marketing in the phase of idea development. Look around for what people look for in an app that helps them in their daily lives. Begin with defining the target audience and build your app to help the validation process.

The Right Platform for Mobile App Development

Depending upon your target audience and their smartphone preferences, choose the right app platform for your app development. Decide whether to go for an Android or iOS mobile app development platform. A separate app for both android and iOS users target a broader populace; however, it mainly depends on your budget and not a good idea for start-ups. So, if you want to develop the app for both platforms, instead of hiring two distinctive development teams, the cost-efficient way is to develop a hybrid mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS platforms.

Including High-Value Features

You can get a feature request from different people around you involving prospective users, internal team, sales team, family and friends, and stakeholders. In addition to that, suggestions from different people can help you evaluate features from different perspectives. Among the noise of some high-value ideas, the primary function of the app must not deviate. Each feature that you decide to include in the app must go in alignment with the app’s basic idea and add in to the overall value. whereas, avoid adding many features as it declines the user experience and deviates focus from the primary function.

Launching Features and App Marketing

To develop features based on the data collected from the initial input, perform a usability test by real-time users. Since, the development of the feature set is a beginning for an app, every app nurtures through polishing and updates and requires efficient marketing. The app development companies need to perform testing and QA for the introductory feature to market the app for its users. While polishing an app and adding in new features, it’s essential to involve marketing team as they get a better idea of customer expectation and suggestions regarding the enhancement of the final product. Learn to adapt marketing tips for mobile app to get it to the right market.

Summing Up the Idea

An idea of an app must be unfolding into several steps, and the app development company must implement a step by step process for mobile or web application software development. Start from selecting, color scheme, design, look and feel of the app. Particularly, all of these features must align with the basic concept of the app. for instance, if the app targets an older age group of audience, it must use decent colors and easy features. App development companies who do not perform the right research on the target market and focus only on the market trends, might not be able to compete lastingly. To stand out among the rest, keep your design user-centric and easy to use.

Towards the Launch

Moreover, your app feature set must include all the necessary blending of the elements to provide users with a comprehensive experience so that your app creates a buzz at the launch. Some app development companies delay the app launch before integrating all the features. It wastes time and poses a threat to the app exclusivity and uniqueness of its features. But due to the excess delay in the app release, some of the pioneering features in the app might need to compromise the advantage of being the first mover in the market. However, from idea to mobile app development and design to the launch, Appverticals involves expert app developers and a set of features that leads to the final goal of developing a user-centric and result-oriented mobile App.

Umer Uzair

Umer Uzair is a Digital Marketer and Senior SEO Executive with over a 5 years of experience. His articles cover Mobile App Development, SEO techniques, content marketing, and social media optimization. His informative and practical writing style breaks down complex concepts into easily digestible content, making him a valuable resource for the industry.

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