5 Tips for Marketing Your eCommerce Mobile App

The next time you go to the mall, take a look at all the outlets around you. Make a note of all the outlets that have an online store, I’m positive that majority of them will be available online as well. Businesses want to be where their audience is, that’s why every other business is starting to invest in websites as well as eCommerce mobile apps. After you get a quality website developed the next most important step is trying to market the website. Digital marketing plays a major role in effectively marketing the website and improving its visibility. eCommerce mobile apps, on the other hand, mobile apps are slightly tricky to market, and that is what we will be discussing in this blog post.

Before understanding the role of mobile apps, let us understand mobile e-commerce.

What is M-Commerce?

Anyone who has done an eCommerce business knows the importance of mobile-friendliness for the website performance and its role for search engines. However, with new coming trends and techniques, its role has come to another level creating a separate online sales transaction platform: m-commerce. It is the process of making sales through mobile and other similar hand-held gadgets helping to integrate more digital approaches in their eCommerce strategies. Mobile apps are the perfect options for reaching the eCommerce market and extensively affect your SEO performance.

What is its role?

One of the greatest benefits of creating a stunning mobile application is attracting the attention of customers and promoting sales. With the wide use of mobile devices, it has become an integral part of eCommerce businesses.

Digital marketing tactics are rapidly changing, however, its role for eCommerce businesses becomes more and more influential and important. Consequently, standing out from the crowd has become a top challenge for digital marketing agencies, especially when it comes to mobile apps. Wondering why?

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithm, which demands double attention from marketers and digital marketing agencies. The reason is that besides implementing different tactics, they need to stay up-to-day and regularly make changes in their strategies. Otherwise, keeping up with the competition will become impossible.

With the massive use of different mobile gadgets, mobile apps have become inseparable parts of people’s life. Ecommerce businesses have started to involve mobile apps in their strategies for promoting their businesses and increasing sales. If you make a decision to build a mobile app for your business, then it is a good idea to follow some tips that will drive value and revenue.

#1 User-Friendly Design

Your eCommerce mobile apps can tell a lot about your business. Taking into consideration the UX when designing your app conveys your professionalism in the market. Your mobile app should:

  • Be Simple and responsive
  • Have a well-designed menu
  • Be Easily navigable
  • Clutter-free user interface
  • Have a quick login process
  • Good product visibility

The better shopping experience you can deliver; the more users will want to interact with your eCommerce mobile apps. Furthermore, the previous users will remain your loyal customers. Having a user-friendly app design is one of the best ways to attract new customers and reach your target audience.

#2 PPC Ads

PPC management tactics are great options for promoting eCommerce apps. It is a vital marketing channel that works great for different reasons. One of the major reasons is that mobile apps have the opportunity to collect first-party data, which allows marketers to find and target the audience they need. Geolocation also has a vital role in your paid search strategy. Creating ads that work well on mobile apps will help you to understand your customers due to advanced metrics.

#3 Social Channels

Social media channels continue to be a great place for advertising and promoting your brand. People spend the majority of their free time on social media and that’s what makes it an excellent platform for maximum exposure. It allows businesses to direct customers from their profiles to mobile apps. You also have a chance to share and promote your app as much as you want in order to target potential customers.

#4 APP Store Optimization

Using eCommerce SEO services is as important for your website as App Store Optimization for your mobile application. Taking into consideration its tactics will make your app visible in app stores and you will also receive more visitors and downloads. Your apps visibility in the app store is directly connected to your business awareness, ranking and sales. A well-planned App Store Optimization strategy will help you target a potential audience and also get your mobile app ranking on the first page of the app store.

#5 Testing and Improving

There are different tools for testing mobile apps for better UX and app quality. A regular mobile app testing is important for understanding your app performance in different conditions (including low battery, internet connection errors, mobile memory, etc.). Finding all the errors and fixing them will allow you to optimize your app for all types of mobile gadgets and keep it updated to the latest trends.

Well! Having a website is great. It helps to be visible in search engines with the help of different eCommerce SEO services, builds brand recognition as well as boosts sales and conversions. However, people have started to give their preferences to fast and easy options. Hence, having a mobile app which will be easy to navigate will bring you a competitive advantage.

To sum up its benefits, we can say that:

It helps to increase visibility: Promoting your business in different channels can help to boost your business and generate a greater audience, later on converting them into loyal customers. There are many people who are more likely to use apps than websites, so having an eCommerce app will help you in getting those people involved with your business.

It creates a direct channel for eCommerce marketing: Due to the mobile-friendly updates created by Google, having an app in the app store can boost your SEO ranking.

Increases brand recognition and help better target your audience: As the functionality of mobile apps is wide your customers have a chance to get what they want with a single click. Appearing in the gadgets, you get a chance to notify your audience about your business when you have something new.

Wrapping Up:

By developing eCommerce mobile apps, you can effectively boost sales for your online store. An eCommerce app can provide faster product pages loading and make the purchase process easier and faster for customers. This will help improve the user experience and lead to increased brand loyalty. There are two ways to market your app, paid and organic. You can advertise your app via search engines and social media networks, and you can also optimize your app for the app store. In the above tips, I have combined both paid and organic approaches to improve your mobile app’s awareness.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to provide some additional tips of your own, feel free to contact us today.

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