Why Top-Notch Brands Prefer Magento Ecommerce Platform?

E-commerce is one of the wonders of the technology world. Its potential has made it eternal, dominate and endless. With its invincible potential and wide scope, we have several popular platforms among which Magento is on top of the list as E-commerce Giant which is why brands like Cocacola, Ford, Olympus, Nestle, and Nespresso to name a few are based on Magento System.
Magento is an e-commerce platform developed on open source technology allow online merchants to avail flexible shopping cart system as well as a functional system that give more control over the store content, let market-leading inventory management system, and efficient product management system. With Magento, one can avail a number of benefits with features can perform to its fullest if you wisely choose a Magento ecommerce development company. With over several advantages including digital marketing and search engine optimization, know why Magento is still counting among the leading eCommerce platform:
Open Source

As Magento is a free e-commerce platform built using PHP and other open source tools and techniques, it welcomes all type of modification, customizations that are based on any variation required in the project. Using various open source tools this platform give promising results with frictionless performance and enhanced the store security for both online retailers and Magento ecommerce development company.
Feature Rich
Since other e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, OpenCart, and Drupal content management systems, Magento strives and evolved as a feature rich ecommerce platform that comprehends both parties and favors online trading methods and over a complete web store service.
Below mention stats speak volume about Magento presence and how dominantly it leads major portion of ecommerce platforms

Multiple Stores
Magento is diverse, it allows you to open up your own market with more than one store to open with a single account. With Magento, you can start up with multiple stores that can be managed by a single backend panel that ultimately opens an opportunity to manage a market by yourself and for yourself.


With an entirely customizable catalog system, you can balance theme and its functionality as per your requirements. From billing, add to cart to multiple payment gateway methods you can manage whole using single admin panel. Magento also allows you to grant access to other panel users with limited access facility in order to give a secure way to panel.


Every industry has its own ecommerce store design conventions. What works for fashion & apparel may not work for a furniture retailer. Similarly size, the scale of operations, customer support requirements, billing and delivery options, etc. pose various challenges in the ecommerce environment.
Customization comes when business is required to speak its own values and standard. Magento is customization advocate, it carries a diversified range of branding your store and its feature according to your standards. From the size, color themes, to customers support requirement Magento understands like a mother and keep things ready to be used once asked. Sell your product as a deal or as a limited stock, it can alter things just as needed.

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