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Leading Technology Trends Influencing Ecommerce in 2021

Javeria Ibrahim

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The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 has changed the prospects in the global market trends. A drastic shift in sales and marketing plans and strategies is observed. If this time has given a valuable insight into the digital world, then it surely is the way to deal with uncertain events.

The world witnessed a globally happening transformation in business models and the way they used to be operated. It had to–depending the need of the time. Marketing events, physical meetings, and shows were canceled, shifting the burden onto the “screens.”

The change has heavily influenced the ecommerce trends in 2020 and beyond. As we slid into 2021, we can see how the prevalent marketing practices have swapped with the “new normal.

Consumers prefer online shops to collect not only the essentials but other items they cannot acquire from closed stores amid the chaos of Covid.

In short, the need to develop an ecommerce store has become a vital thing. If you still have not thought about opening a decent online store, now is the right time to take the right step.

If you already have an ecommerce store, make sure your website is equipped with the prevalent features and leading trends to influx shoppers to your online store and stay relevant in the online marketplace. The following are the leading trends influencing ecommerce in 2021.

M-Commerce Dominating Sales

Mobile commerce is emerging as a resilient market with no stopping. It is expected to escalate from $2.91 trillion in 2020 to $3.56 trillion in 2021. This whopping figure is 22.3 percent more than it was in 2020. The quick rise in mobile sales is astonishing. However, given the increase in the number of smartphone users, the rise in m-commerce sales was meant to happen.

This is not it. Apparently, with the increase in mobile app users and m-commerce growth, the total time spent on mobile devices has also been on the rise. The time spent on mobile devices by the average user in the US has reached 234 minutes in 2021, escalating from 188 minutes in 2016. No wonder why mobile commerce is increasingly growing year by year. In 2021 and beyond, the online industry will be expected to see an upsurge in online sales through mobile. Businesses should definitely adapt to the ongoing changes and build their digital presence and make it stronger every day to stay ahead of the completion in the market.

Social Media is Driving Sales for M-commerce

An apparent cause of increasing mobile commerce is online stores enable direct users to their websites in a click. Social pages and ads persuade users to take a look at the products and they go through the sales funnel to end up purchasing a product.

Hence, social media marketing is on the boom and expected to grow more in 2021. As a result, social commerce sales are projected to reach 84.2 billion US dollars by 2024.

e-Wallets Enhancing Convenience

e-wallet functionality has gradually become a part of every popular online store. Digital payments are expected to reach 6.6 trillion USD in 2021, rising from 3.04 trillion USD. This denotes a 100% increase in the figures within a period of four years only. To stay relevant in the market, it is essential to offer them what they find intuitively. Since e-wallets have become an essential part of all leading online stores where your custoemrs often shop from. If you do not offer them what they find in all of their favorite stores, they might find an element missing from your shop. In addition to the expansion in sales and conversion rates, eWallet offer more convenience and security to the customers.

Customization is at the Peak

With every new step, we are likely to see advancement in technology leading to create better experiences. Personalized customer experience is the need of the moment. Users are increasingly expecting a personalized experience on their regular shopping experience.

Enabling customers to contribute in the product creation process can help brands strengthen the user experience. This, as a result, boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, eventually leading to greater revenues.

Actionable Content Drive Sales

Relevant, engaging, and informational content is a leading force behind persuading customers to shop from an ecommerce store. A strategically designed content has the potential to convert users and boost sales. Engaging content strategy includes interactive stories, campaigns, and email. What work wonder for digital brands is effective storytelling and creating unforgettable experiences for customers.

Interactive Shopping Experience with AR/VR

Augmented and virtual reality are contributing to making the shopping experience interactive and convenient. It is, in fact, helping online sellers to overcome the biggest challenge in online shopping. With the integration of AR and VR, customers can virtually try on products before buying them. ecommerce stores can use these technologies to offer an interactive experience to their users.

PWAs Boosting Shoppers Convenience

Progressive Web Apps are increasingly in demand for some real benefits. PWAs are websites that can be accessed directly in a web browser, but they provide features resembling a native app. users can thus enjoy the features and convenience of an app without needing to download the app from the app store. The basic intention behind building progressive web apps is to help consumers accomplish tasks quickly. With easy and fast features, users can experience a convenient shopping experience.

Voice Search is on the Boom

Voice search started to get in the trend a few years back, but it has now become an essential part of smartphone users’ daily interactions. Consumers feel convenient and comfortable using the voice search query. A significant proportion of mobile users have used voice search functionality to look up a product or a query. Given the needs of the time, voice shopping is expected to grow to $40 billion in 2022.

Businesses need to understand the need of the time and jump on the bandwagon to keep up their performance. eCommerce retailers can implement voice search strategies by embracing a robust SEO strategy, building a brand reputation with updated information, including product features, reviews, and guides.  

Final Thoughts

To stay ahead of your competitors, your business needs to adapt latest ecommerce trends before your competitors do. Keep trying to stay on a customer-centered strategy to deliver the best experience to your customers.

AppVerticals can help you achieve your highest business dreams with the perfect business development strategy. So, which of the above trend you are going to make a part of your ecommerce branding strategy to grab the lion’s share in the market.

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