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A professional and authentic platform for retailers wanting a refined enterprise that keeps growing. OpenCart delivers a website fashioned for your needs, that draws the right customers and promotes sales.

  • Customization

    Tailor your online store and customize the look and feel of your website to benefit your customers

  • User-friendly

    OpenCart has a very simple user interface which is easy to manage and learning it is effortless

  • Integration

    OpenCart offers third-party and social media integration, allowing you to grow your business and audience


Explore OpenCart Development Services

Trusted for years in the market, OpenCart continues to deliver quality and the highest manageability. If you are looking for a solution that accommodates larger inventory, multiple payment options, multi-languages and looks stunning; OpenCart is your platform.

You can personalize your site to perfection. With the right customization, nothing is difficult with OpenCart. It can also generate sales reports and has options for tax accounting and discount options.

OpenCart is SEO ready and ensures your site ranks the top. Get the best ecommerce site through our professional developers.

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What Can AppVerticals Do For You?

Process Oriented

Starting from scratch, we analyze brands and outline a process to offer an exclusive layout to your website and application that is highly functional.


The app we craft for you, will be SEO optimized and draw organic traffic. Our futuristic approach ensures your business always stays ahead.

Functionality Focused

Whether you want a cart service or wish to monitor conversion rates, our development team can design an app completely customized to your needs.

The Right Brand

Our team creates content using the right marketing tools to develop a brand identity and use social media to promote your app.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have full control over the template of your site and can make changes any time you wish.
OpenCart only provides you with the data that you request. You can gain access to the number of views on a product or the number of purchases etc.
We offer website maintenance and support from 5 to 30 days after project launch depending on the complexity and size of the project.
A Payment gateway is basically an online version of a physical credit card processing terminal that you encounter in shops. When you put your credit card information into this analogue, it transfers this to the store system and your payment is made.
Absolutely! We offer all-rounder packages that include a marketing strategy based on extensive research into your business and competition.
Yes, with the help of our expert OpenCart Developers, you can have migrations from your web store to OpenCart. We ensure there is no inconvenience to you throughout the process.
We ensure that every business that works with us gets a project suited to their business needs, we can give you an estimate after we have an idea of the nature and complexity of the project you require. We will give you a detailed and affordable estimate for your project upon consultation.
We provide extensive audit and keyword research as well as page title optimization to ensure your site ranks higher in search engines. We also use Google Analytics to maximize your visibility.
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