The Best Way to Market a Mobile App

market a mobile app

What is the best way to market a mobile app for users to download it?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to mobile app success strategy. Marketing is one of the key elements that contribute to the success and growth of an app. A newly built app needs the right dose of marketing to find its way to the heights of success. So, today we have three basic pieces of advice for mobile app developers to market their app. Here we go!

Make the Great App

The first and foremost advice is to “Make the Great App.” Yes, this is most important. Before we learn more about marketing an app and putting efforts to make users aware of our app, we should be confident to present the best app to the target market.

However, this is an area that most people miss. They spend their time thinking and planning how to market my app. When the app is not just good enough, how can it make its way to achieving success in terms of more downloads or purchases.

The challenge in the app’s market is that it’s so easy to get into it. There are so many people doing it because there are no barriers to entry. It’s so easy to create a new app. This results in a pile of mobile apps that sucks!  Not just this, in most cases where people put effort into their apps, they are making products that are no out of the ordinary. This should not be the goal of a professional and growth-oriented mobile app development company. That’s a plain honest truth that a lot of apps we come across today are just okay.

What should you really be worrying about?

For this reason, we included this as our number 1 advice because it’s quite difficult to market a random ordinary app! What we need to do is to take a deep look at our app’s major feature. We should analyze its function. Do you use those features on a regular basis? Can you actually present your app with pride in front of wise developers or even common people who use wise apps?

The app you build should be a legacy. It should be something you can proudly introduce among others. It should be a work of life. If you want to take off in business, your app has to be important. So, before you worry about mobile app marketing, make sure your app is a great product.

Reach Out to Influencers

What you can do next is reach out to people who are experts in their fields. You can write to influencers convincing them to have a look at your product and let people know about it. Tell them about your app’s specialty, its feature set, and everything that successfully convinces and makes them curious to check out your app.

Target the Experts in Their Field

If your app helps people with their fitness goals, you need to reach out to fitness experts.  If your app has something for cooking and recipe lovers, you should be reaching out to cooking experts.

What you have to do is to make a list. Make a list of 200 or even more leading experts of your field near you or in your targeted location, and reach out to them. They can be accessed via different platforms like email, Twitter, Instagram, or phone contact. Reach out to them and let them know that you have developed a new app that works wonder. If your selection and targeting are good, they are going to check it out because it’s related to their life and profession.

But again, make sure once they check your product, it should be an extraordinary one that can actually be used in their lives. It should be relevant to their work. Ensure that you make the right use of this one chance to make an impression that lasts, or otherwise, you will have a hard time convincing people to check your app.

Market Around Your Core Audience

You have a core group of people who would be using your app in their daily lives. That’s your target audience. What you should do is build your app around them. Talk to them and see how are they using it and how can it be better. Get their contact information because the best marketing strategy is going to target your users. They are the one who are going to use it.

It’s not reliable in the long run to make paid advertising and banner ads and all that paid stuff. It costs money, and you probably have a budget that you have to stick around. It’s not even as effective as a word of mouth is. And, do you know where does it come from? It comes from having a core group of loyal users who actually love your app and its functions. So, whoever is using it, try to contact them and ask for their feedback. See how their suggestions can contribute to making it better.

You need to have these people to improve your product. You need to have some people who use the app every day and tell their friends how they are not using such an amazing app. you need to build a group of users who convinces others to use your app. An app that inspires users enough speak loud in its favor.

So, you have to build up the feature set to get there. But, have that close relationship with those early adopters who can help build the product and make it better every day.


Here we get the answer to the question we asked at the beginning of this blog. The best way to market a mobile app for users to download it is to make it great, reach out to experts & influencers, and market around your core audience.

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