How to Market Your App for Free?

With 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store and 1.8 million apps on Apple App Store, users are confused to choose among a wide variety of apps, and mobile app development companies are putting every bit of effort from their side to build successful mobile apps.

In this perplexing situation where every subject is full of a wide variety of apps on the store, app marketing is the second most integral part of app development process, after functionality. Yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that efficient functions and operation itself is a major contributor to app marketing and speaks loud for self-promotion of the mobile app. So, nothing beats quality. And, even an excellent promotional campaign and marketing efforts will go in vain if the app functionality is upset.

Let’s get back to the topic that is app marketing. So, after developing, no, rather right from the beginning of the app, a good marketing strategy should be in practice. When the mobile app developers start working to develop an outstanding app, the marketing efforts need to be there side by side. Let’s elaborate on some of the key ways to market the app that brings practical results.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your users is critical to a successful app business. Without knowing your target audience, you cannot lead a successful marketing campaign. And, without effective marketing, your app cannot achieve success regardless of the features and function quality. Infact, demographics is something that mobile app developers need to know right from the beginning so that they design and develop the app in a way that it serves the purpose best.

Conduct market research to know your audience demographics. The key components of demographics include your audience’s age, gender, location, preferences, and relationship/marital status. By getting aware of this information, you will be better able to target your audience with the right kind of marketing content. Your advertisement and promotion content should be engaging and enticing for your target audience that inspires them to take action.

Start Marketing During the App Development Phase

This is one of the most effective tips for app marketing to start promotion before the launch of the app. at this stage, there are several strategies that can work wonders for your app success. Running a marketing campaign at this level will create the wait for your app among customers, and it has a chance to get viral when it is finally launched.  Many app development companies offer discounted marketing offers for their clients. You can go for that too.

You can conduct a survey among the public, ask for their recommendations about the features in your app, and aware of the solution they can avail after installing your app. This creates awareness about your app function, and if your app fulfills the user expectations, it will be a success.

Promote on Social Media Platforms

Social media promotion is key. You can directly communicate with your audience through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social platforms. By using social media, you can expand your web presence among your target audience.

Depending on the age of your target audience, you can focus on a specific platform that is significantly popular in your targeted age group of people. For instance, if your target audience covers the middle-aged people, better to focus on Facebook and twitter while if they are most youngsters, Instagram and snap chat is a wise choice.

Through your ads, make it clear to your audience that you have an app. make sure you clearly deliver the purpose of your app. And most importantly, provide them with the link to download.  

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy can make your app give successful. Prior to launching your app, start writing a blog for your app. there are a number of websites that provide backlinking opportunities and free promotion of your apps. Reach out to them and post your blogs so that you will have an audience following prior to your app launch.

In your blogs, tell your audience the problem that your app provides a solution for. introduce your app features and share screenshots and video guides. Make sure your content is compelling enough to drive traffic, spread brand awareness, and make conversions. You can build trust among your audience with quality and informative content. You can also send your blog links for e-mail marketing to engage the audience.

Optimize your App For the App Store

App store optimization increases your app’s visibility at the app Both rank relevant and popular apps at the top of search queries. Select keywords that describe your app in the best way. This will result in categorizing your app correctly at the store. The more relevant the keyword, the higher you will rank. Your app must also contain high-quality images and videos designed to attract new downloads.

Make your bug free to increase its ratings. This will result in ranking your app higher in the app search on the app store. Make sure you write relevant content as a copy of your app’s features that do sell. Here is a relevant read in this regard.

Improve your App SEO

Improve your App SEO to bring your app on the first page of Google search results.  Get backlinks from other websites that redirect to your website and create authenticity in your industry. Moreover, Google includes your app in a trustable option when it finds the content authentic. Use the right keywords that best describe your app and its features. Make sure your site’s meta description and metadata are relevant to the website.

Influencers or Celebrity Based Marketing

Reach out to influencers to shout out for your app on the basis of mutual benefits. If your app budget allows for celebrity marketing, go for that to give an instant lift to your app popularity. You can also create an event by collaborating with several social media influencers to attract an audience for the event. It can be a good opportunity for you to teach your audience about your app features. You can attract the audience by announcing free rewards for the attendees of the events. Apart from this, asking social media celebrities and influencers for shootouts can do a major job.

If you want to read more regarding app marketing, you can have a more detailed blog on 10 Brilliant Tips to Market your Mobile App.

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