How Apple 2018 Strategy will boost the iOS App Development

Mobile Apps and buzz about their development to revenue potential and a lot has entirely changed the existing business models as it used to be. Huge transformations, everyday challenges, and competitions have made IT firms unstoppable – which is why we see news feeds flooded with breaking news by top-notch developing companies apparently determined to win the lead.

Therefore, technically we all are expecting more miracles in this most challenging era of all time.

Talking about Mobile Companies let’s see how Apple is playing hard to retain the trust in their customer base and progressing distinctively other than just focusing the exterior of the iPhone. This year right at the beginning Apple made two super-headlines consecutively right at the beginning of 2018.

On 1st January 2018, Apple announced a sudden iOS update from iOS 11.2.1 to 11.2.5 to improve the user experience with the mobile device.


The next day on 2nd January 2018 Apple took another step and bought Buddy Build to pool it with X code engineering and decided to discontinue the android app development from 1st March.

Whereas Microsoft is too preparing to keep developers hubs in their favor and purchased Hockey App to empowers developers of all platforms, however, Apple seems to focus on both side of the iPhone aspects, i.e., Apps and Mobile itself.


Currently, we are standing with nearly 2.2 to 2.8 million mobile applications this figure does not seem to slow down in today’s markets. However, with every time iPhone launches their mobile other Android smartphone manufacturers strive to keep modification at the best they can do to stay in the limelight.


Therefore if we talk about Android market share it is more than Apple and to compete that score, Apple is securing and investing in providing best open source platform to iOS developers to embrace innovation and excessive apps to App Stores. Which gives us a clue about how Apple is planning to move ahead with a smart strategy to gain most out of their mobile applications. Most probably because iPhone X showed exceptional capabilities enabling the audience to build apps beyond limits with latest features.

Talking about App Store, we can find a vast scope that Apple can unlock shortly. With impeccable development services, platform, and sources they tend surprising technology, for sure. So, this quick overview of Apple’s decision leading us to the way where people shortly might find iOS App Development companies more in numbers and they are currently right now.

From iPad, iPhone to iPod the next revolution seems to be entirely favorable to iOS developer and hence an ultimate way to show up amazing ideas and get more out of Play Store.

Evidently, to gain the attention of iOS app development companies and leverage the ratio of existing iOS app, we wholeheartedly expect iOS apps and bring great opportunities for startup and entrepreneurs to build their enterprises and ventures remarkably shortly.

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