AI And Chatbot Apps are transforming the Mobile Technology

AI & Chatbot Apps

AI And Chatbot Apps are the use of computerized programs to indulge in human-like conversations that are verbal and textual. Simulated conversations, where the chatbots are trained to carry out automated conversations and communications through the use of Machine Learning.

Scope of AI And Chatbot Apps

Today, more and more organizations are now moving away from using legacy and conventional systems to adopting digitized platforms for improving the quality of their performances. One of the most widely used uses of bots and AI is in Customer service. An increasing number of customers today look forward to faster, prompter, and optimized service from customer service agents. However, the work of agents can get quite stressful and over-burdened. With an AI-enabled chat, the basic questions and queries can be answered tactfully by the bots, while the human agents can get involved only at the second stage or later. As a result, agents can work on issues that are complex and need much deeper insight.

AI Chatbots Technology

One of the most innovative ways of using artificial intelligence chatbots is in medical care and the pharma industry. There are bots that help patients with Alzheimer’s disease in retaining short-term memory. Such bots engage with patients and store the data in a cloud server from where doctors and caregivers are able to track and monitor the communication logs to understand if there is any advancement or progress, or deterioration in the condition of the patient.

The other segment of people who can benefit are people who are suffering from insomnia. For patients who are unable to sleep well and have restless nights, the combination of AI and chatbots can help them give them a platform to chat with and talk. Since chatbots sound almost like human beings, it helps the patient understand that there is someone to converse with them when everybody else is sleeping.

UNICEF that is using the technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has proved another significant use of Bots and Ai. They want to motivate different undeveloped communities to come out and express their issues and ideas. The bot sends out digitized polls to registered users to respond to from where the inputs and data are collected for forming relevant policies.

Artificial Intelligence is also being applied to the field of marketing for collecting and generating leads that are so important for sales. Real-estate leads are being identified by bots powered by AI, and not only that. They then engage with the potential customer in a friendly manner while assigning the lead to a sales agent.

Chatbot for better Communication

A chatbot is a software program present on an app or software to communicate with the users on behalf of a human representative. They analyze the input received from the user and give the best possible solution via text or voice. The activities that the Chatbot engages in vary from carrying out interactions, sending emails, marketing, and performing repetitive tasks such as providing instructions, lead generation, data analysis, etc.

Chatbots often review the user’s responses and function accordingly. Therefore, its efficiency is second to none, which is the reason it has been accepted into the various sectors of work. Chatbot has proven to be useful as it commits a smaller number of errors, can store a massive amount of data, schedules your day/week/month, has the knowledge to share, etc.

It performs multiple conversations and conducts judgment-intensive tasks just like us humans. It can also be explained as a set of technologies controlling automated messaging and speech-enabling applications that provide human-like interactions between computers and humans. It can communicate in the manner of a human by recognizing text and speech, understanding intent, deciphering the different languages that are being spoken, and responding in a way that will mimic real-life human conversations.

Difference Between Chatbot and Conversational AI

There are various points of difference between Chatbot and conversational AI but let us try to understand the relationship that the two share. It is the ‘conversation’ aspect of the AI-based Chatbot. AI-based chatbots use conversational AI to understand along with conversing with you. Machine learning will enable Chatbots to remember the things that you have said to them. Natural language processing will enable Chatbots to understand a broader range of input and know the intent behind your messages. In contrast, intelligent analysis lets Chatbots make recommendations based on the records and previous interactions.

The basic difference between the two is all about tools and programming that enable a computer to mimic and carry out conventional experiences with people. A Chatbot is a program that can but does not always use it. It is a particular program that communicates with the users. Conversation AI powers the Chatbot but not all Chatbots utilize it.

The primary differences can be considered non-existent, but there are subtle dissimilarities between the two

A conversational AI can talk, chat, and learn. It is available on voice, text, or web, and it should be easily accessible along with being seamless across the different channels. It is available through certain online mediums that we use in the present day, such as – Alexa, Google Assistant, or even the company’s enterprise portal. These interactions across the network of the channels are the future and should be taken into consideration as you prioritize them for the betterment of your business. At the same time, a Chatbot is not able to perform all the functions that were mentioned above.

ChatBots Major Limitation

The Chatbot does not hold the capacity to understand complex sentences of human speech in the same way that humans do. It can conduct this function. Since human conversations are usually never that straightforward – it is full of slang, abbreviations, mispronunciation, fragments, and several different issues.

Furthermore, it is compatible with 100’s integrations, but Chatbot is a hard-coded language, the former consists of machine-learning enhancements, whereas the latter relates to static integrations for landing pages. Streebo, an IBM Gold Partner Company, has developed a Bot Builder technology that works on plug-and-play architecture. This reduces the development time by 50 percent; eventually, the development cost also gets reduced. Streebo, a mobile app development company with wide experience in the IT Software industry, has built expertise to build a bot.

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