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How to Create an App and Make Money from it?

A lot of money is made by apps. According to Sensor Tower, the first half of 2019 saw an astonishing $39.7 billion spent on Google Play and the App Store. The use of apps is also increasing. According to AppAnnie’s most recent “State of Mobile” study, time spent in-app increased by 50% between 2016 and 2018, while downloads increased by 35%. This implies that there is a ton of evidence that many free apps are profitable. How to create an app and make money from it is the real question which most business owners would directly or indirectly ask.

Why do you need mobile apps?

There are several benefits to creating and deploying a mobile app. Users of smartphones and tablets rarely have time to log into a mobile website because they are always on the go. Additionally, the purpose of these mobile websites is reading and navigating, NOT process management. Mobile apps provide users with convenient, real-time access to the information, products, services, and procedures they need and are made for hands-on interaction. People primarily and most personally access digital content through mobile apps. Mobile app development can have a variety of uses for every organization. They put everything at their customers’ fingertips, including general information, service or product pricing, booking forms, search tools, user accounts, seamless assistance, news feeds, and much more.

How create an app and make money from it


Advertising is undoubtedly the most popular and straightforward method when it comes to how free apps can make money. Additionally, a third-party ad network is used for this. Whenever the query “how to make money from mobile apps” is posed, It’s natural to think of using adverts to monetize apps and generate income, and there is nothing wrong with it. App owners only need to include advertisements in their mobile application or choose affiliate marketing to receive payment from outside ad networks. Additionally, it is thought that advertising is the best way to make money from apps. As an app owner, all you have to do to get paid from third-party networks and advertisements is to display your adverts within the mobile application.

In-app purchases

The free mobile apps themselves immediately make IAPs. They are frequently employed to grant users access to unique material or extra functionality. Simply put, they enable users to sell a variety of virtual goods from within the app. IAPs are offered by the top free gaming apps like Clash of Clans and PUBG, which improve user experience.

This tactic, according to Forbes, brings in the most money for publishers. Due mostly to the use of virtual currency, this approach is frequently employed in gaming apps. In general, this concept of converting free users into paying users without being overly obtrusive is fascinating. But remember that for consumers to continue paying for your app, you must maintain their interest in it. With this approach, there is great potential to build an app and generate income from low-cost methods.


Subscriptions are the best and most effective way to make money off an app. App publishers are permitted to offer free or appropriate content inside their apps for a little time. After that, companies can start charging subscribers to view the classified and important content they have already released. A free trial period followed by a subscription fee for users who want to keep using the app is the most common tactic used by most free app creators. The aforementioned revenue strategy is often used by cloud services, audio/video streaming services, and online news portals.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a different kind of sponsorship where you negotiate with several interested parties and include their reference links in your application instead of giving exclusive advertising rights to one organization. If there isn’t a wealthy competitor on the market who is willing to pay your costs, this is a respectable way to raise your app revenue. Now that you know how apps make money and the various aspects to consider when examining how much an app makes, let’s finish by learning how to select the best app monetization plan for your company and gaining knowledge about anticipated changes in the mobile app industry.


We anticipate a surge in cashless transactions both now and in the future. Consumers won’t need to tote wallets and purses anymore; instead, they can carry their phones around and conduct all transactions electronically. This is where your app comes in handy since it gives you, as a person or business, a method to quickly reach out to customers and sell things without having to put any effort into marketing. The procedure is simple to follow. An API is used to integrate your app into your website or app after you register it with a payment service, such as Stripe. Once everything is set up, all your customers need to do is scan their credit card to finish the transaction quickly! In a short time, people won’t even bother carrying cash.


How to monetize mobile apps has been fully covered in this article. Selecting the ideal revenue strategy for your app is extremely crucial. At AppVerticals, we’ve assisted several clients with MVP development and app monetization.

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