Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile app development cost

Today, we live in a world where every person possesses a handheld device that can help them execute almost any task that they need. It is the era of smartphones! One of the biggest implications of this smartphone revolution is the development of applications. It has become a status symbol for companies to have an exclusive mobile app so subject of mobile app development cost arises.

Mobile apps today are almost similar to what websites were a couple of decades ago. This analogy also extends to the dubious aspects. Most of the companies do not have a lot of clarity about their requirements and, more often than not, end up spending more than what they should in developing a mobile app.

We have outlined below the core aspects that need to be considered when you embark on creating a mobile app for your business.

Define the cost parameters

  • The app development cost depends on many attributes. It is important to chart them down and run an analysis on whether or not you need those features.
  • Define the type of app that you would want for your business. It could be a social media app or an on-demand app or a simple game, or an enterprise app.
  • Choose the mobile platforms that you would like to cater to. If your app is dedicated to the cream of users, you might want to consider developing your app only for iOS. If your app focuses on targeting a wider range of audiences across the world, you might want to consider Android. There are also options that let you develop apps for both these platforms simultaneously.
  • You will also have to determine the number of pages or screens that would be required in your app to execute the intended action.
  • The cost of the associate and hardware like a beacon, AR equipment, and VR headsets need to be considered.
  • Some applications might need access to the hard way and storage on your phone. You will have to define the device features that your app needs access to. It might include but is not limited to the camera, the microphone, and the media files.
  • There are considerable chances that your app idea might undergo changes according to the market or in line with the suggestions and ideas that might pop up over time. You should also be able to assess the cost involved in changes of the app ideas and the addition of features.
  • In addition to these, there are also factors like the mobile platform IDE, the human resources involved, the testing requirements, the licensing and copyright, and the cost of constant up-gradation and maintenance that need to be considered.

The types of apps

Today, there are two different apps that you can go for. The native apps are created exclusively for a specific operating system. The hybrid apps need to be built only once but can change the way it interacts with users based on the operating systems.

Native Apps

Native apps are bound to offer a better user experience as they can capitalize on all the features of an operating system. The developers in the teamwork independently on the two different platforms. Developing native apps requires deep knowledge about the features of the app development platform. For example, android developers need to know about Android Studio and Java. Mobile app development companies in Dallas need to know about OS X, Cocoa Touch, and Objective-C. Needless to say, native apps cost more than hybrid apps. The average cost of an Android app is much lower than that of an iOS app owing to the development kit costs.

Hybrid apps

If you have budget constraints and if you do not have a lot of requirements with respect to the exploitation of features, it is a better idea to go for a hybrid app. Hybrid apps not only cost less in terms of development but also in terms of maintenance. The expertise required for hybrid app development is more readily available in the market. All that is required for them is a thorough knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. Hybrid apps imply that a single code can run across multiple platforms, and it helps in saving the time and efforts of developers by a staggering 75%.

Advanced Applications

Advanced apps do not essentially fall under a separate category, but they can be classified differently owing to their complexity. They include advanced features like real-time synchronization, complex back end, custom animations, and integration with third-party services. They also use additional hardware, some of which might not be available on the phone.

Ways To Develop Your App

Typically, there are three different methods that you can use to develop your app. You can choose to partner with an app development company, or you can hire a team of dedicated developers. You can also choose to engage with freelancers.

As a third option, you can choose to purchase white label clones of different apps if they are available in the market. The clone app development companies will also ensure that they customize it according to your requirements. This method is bound to save you a lot of time and money.

Hiring an app development agency

Although this option might seem expensive, it comes with a plethora of benefits. You will have everything you need in one place, including but not limited to the resources, the infrastructure, and the high-performance software. You will also receive regular updates on the progress. Scheduled communication can happen through Skype or phone calls.

In addition to that, you will also be able to see regular updates on the progress like the wire-frame, the storyboard, and the prototype. They will act with utmost responsibility as any lapse in professionalism might result in bad reviews for them. Also, they bring with them a rich experience in developing different apps. Their expertise can come in handy in making useful changes to your app after holding discussions with you.


You can see that it all comes down to the intensity and depth of your research. With the right magnitude of research and buy a clear definition of your requirements, you can ensure that you save a lot in terms of both time and money. The clarity also helps you choose the mobile app development company, which can make a massive difference in your business and profit. App Verticals provide mobile app development at affordable prices. We have experts in app designers and developers. You can explore our packages on the website or contact us for further queries.

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