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Core Solutions Architect: Explain Big Data Issues

It takes a lot of time and resources to build a solution architecture. Due to a lack of experience and sufficient time for execution, a developer or project manager cannot produce the required outcome. The best strategy would be to have a single team member who is sufficiently experienced and has no other obligations. For this professional, having a thorough awareness of all business processes is just as crucial as having a solid understanding of technology. In other words, the solutions architect connects business objectives and technology execution, bringing together project technical teams and business stakeholders.

Why do companies need big data solutions?

Big data is one of the trendiest industries in technology. Possibly, your startup or large organization has an analytics staff working with ever-growing data quantities.

Better decisions may be made with more information, yet even the most technologically advanced businesses sometimes struggle to manage data effectively. In these cases, solutions architects with a data analytics core are crucial.

Big data challenges occur when there is insufficient computing power to manage both the raw production load and the analytical needs. Depending on the circumstances, you might require a more intelligent ETL process, better infrastructure management, or one or more analytical techniques. Get in touch with a knowledgeable solution architect right away because the success of your business depends on how successfully you handle these problems before they get out of hand.

Big Data Challenges and Solutions

Lack of Proper understanding of Big Data

Companies’ Big Data initiatives fail because of a lack of knowledge. Employees might not be familiar with the definition, sources, processing, and storage of data. Data experts could understand what is happening, but others might not.

Employees might not retain the backup of sensitive data, for instance, if they do not comprehend the value of data storage. They might not use databases for storage in the right way. As a result, retrieving this crucial data when needed is difficult.


Companies must hold Big Data training and seminars for all employees. All staff involved in Big Data projects which regularly handle data must participate in basic training sessions. All organizational levels must be taught the fundamentals of data principles.

Confusing a variety of big data technologies

With so many different big data technologies now on the market, it can be simple to become confused. Do you require Spark, or will Hadoop MapReduce’s speeds suffice? Which database is preferable, Cassandra or HBase? Finding the solutions architect can be challenging. If you are sifting through the sea of technology possibilities without a clear understanding of what you need, it is even simpler to make a terrible decision.


The best course of action, if you are new to the big data industry would be to try to find professional assistance. For big data consulting, you might use a vendor or employ a specialist. Together, you can devise a plan for each situation, from which you can select the appropriate technological stack.

Data Security

Data security is crucial, and that cannot be overlooked. With so many moving parts, it’s not always simple to concentrate on data security while solutions are implemented. In order to properly keep data, it must first be encrypted and regularly backed up.


By automating security updates and backups, installing operating system updates (which frequently contain enhanced protection), utilizing firewalls, and other low-effort measures, you can significantly improve the security of your data.

Organizational Resistance

Organizational opposition has always existed, even in other business sectors. This is nothing new! Companies can anticipate this issue and, as a result, choose the most effective solution. If it is already occurring in your company, you should know that it is not unusual. To ensure the success of big data, it is crucial to decide the appropriate course of action.


Companies must realize that creating a database architecture entails more than just hiring data scientists. The fact that you can choose to outsource the analysis portion makes this the easiest step. Changing the organization’s design, structure, and culture in order to implement data-based decision-making is arguably the toughest obstacle. Today’s top challenges for company executives include a lack of organizational alignment, a failure to embrace and comprehend middle management, as well as corporate opposition.

Making these adjustments can be difficult for large businesses whose operations have already been created and scaled using conventional methods. Experts encourage firms to hire employees who aggressively challenge the status quo of current procedures and then offer suitable changes, in addition to strong executives who comprehend data. Appointing a chief data officer is one method for establishing this leadership style. Big data adoption takes time, and there are significant problems with it. We hope our advice and insights will enable you to successfully tackle significant big data challenges. If you want to hire mobile app development company to tackle your big data challenges you can take help from our experts.

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