The Role of Customer Research in Successful Mobile App Development

The significance of Customer Research in Mobile App Development

Customer research helps a company find the right audience and build more usable features and functions with the right platform choice.

Anyone can observe that we do rely on mobile apps from basic chores to some most important ones. No matter if it is about ordering food, online shopping, transferring, and business communication, we use mobile apps for all these routine tasks.

This comes as no surprise that Google Play Store and Apple Store comprise 2.8 and 1.9 million apps, respectively. It clearly depicts that the mobile app industry is thriving.

What is that booming the mobile app industry? That’s probably the huge demand for mobile apps in today’s technology-driven world. With this significant influence from the mobile app culture, every small and large company wants to benefit from mobile apps in their specific market.

Why do Mobile Apps Fail?

Business owners anticipate success from having a mobile for their business. Many acquire mobile app to reach more customers and some to stay amid the competition; however, a mobile app helps both of these jobs.

However, not all businesses seem to be benefiting from the mobile app they build for their company. Why? Even some popular mobile apps failed due to a lack of planning, customer research, and poor introduction and marketing.  Mobile apps, including Apple Music, Google Plus, Hailo, and Yik Yak, were popular but couldn’t achieve the anticipated success.

In the case of Google Plus, it wasn’t categorized as a social media network, neither it functioned like one. Consequently, users didn’t really enjoy using this platform and were abandoned by users. You cannot stop your mobile from failing if it’s not built with the aim to meet user requirements.

Importance of Customer Research for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps that are built with proper customer research have the potential to enter the market from nowhere and earn an irreplaceable position. Consider asking the following questions during the research and planning phase.

  • Who will download this mobile app?
  • Who are ideal customer personas?
  • What do the users expect from the app?

Answering these questions, in the beginning, will help you better understand your customers. By doing so, you can map out your ideal customer profile to design the app functions and interface accordingly.

More to this, customer research will help you determine users’ preferences, tastes, competition, and market size. With this information, you will be able to figure out what features, design, and innovation your customer would want to see in your business mobile app.

Customer research has a significant role in making or breaking your app. Make sure you spend adequate effort and money on this category. The following paragraphs share in detail how customer research can help you succeed with your business mobile app.

1.    Helps You Design an Interface that People Love

Mobile apps that engage users with the right set of features and an excellent user interface have the potential to succeed fast in the market.

If the app fails to offer a satisfactory user experience, then there are high chances that people will move to a better alternative to fulfill their needs. To avoid such a thing for your app, consider asking these questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their qualification?
  • To which social class they belong?
  • What is their work environment?
  • How does the app look and feel?
  • What should be the theme, color, design of the app?
  • How will the app interact with users?

Asking these questions before you start developing your app will help you understand potential users’ preferences. With these things in consideration, you can build a user-friendly and engaging mobile app. As we know that great user experience is one of the essential keys to success in mobile apps, sufficient customer research helps business owners build a better product according to user demand.

Have a Detailed Buyer Persona

Who are your potential app users? A buyer persona includes all the basic user details like age, location, demographics, income, and lifestyle. If you learn about the routine and living standards of users, you will be able to design an app your customers would love to engage with. More so, a detailed buyer persona helps build your strategy for including the right feature set in the app and the product marketing for potential app users.

A thorough market and user research related to the target market, competitors, and users’ preferences before the app development process contributes to building an app with an interface that your target customers would use seamlessly.

2.    Helps Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform for your app can have a great influence on the success of your app. Android and Apple are one of the most common choices for mobile app development companies. However, the Amazon app store is also garbing developers’ attention these days.

Android and Apple users have some remarkable differences that might help you choose the right platform for your business. Google play store dominates with a larger user base while the App Store leads in terms of customer spending. This gives great insight into your app platform choice.

Mobile app development platform depends on the audience’s geographic and demographic characteristics. Comprehensive customer research can help you identify the people who can be associated with your app and decide which platform would be the best fit for your unique situation and demands.

If you’re targeting a large user base across the globe, Android could be a preferred choice. On the other hand, if your target audience belongs to a fortunate populace who could spend on a quality app, you may go for Apple.

3.    Offers Great Return on Investment

There is a plethora of companies out there that provide a variety of mobile app development services, but only a few understand the importance of customer research prior to the app development process. An investor would always want to invest in a product that supports sales and revenue.

An app that doesn’t help your business grow is considered useless for your business. Customer research helps a company find the right audience and build more usable features and functions with the right platform choice.

Regardless of the app developers’ skills and expertise, customer research is important to make the app relevant to the users’ needs. No one bothers to use your app if it doesn’t resonate with their needs and expectations. Only an app that is useful for users can help boost your profit and make a better return on investment.

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