best languages for web application development

8 Best Languages for Web Application Development

Each language offers unique benefits and drawbacks; you should carefully consider your language choice before writing any code. For your consideration, the best languages for web app development are listed below. Hire web app developers from the best web application development company to fully use programming languages in web app development.

Best Languages Web Application Development


A set of technologies and a programming language called JavaScript are used to develop interactive features. When non-techies use this particular technical phrase, which has multiple meanings, they typically refer to one version or another. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that enhances the interaction of web apps, regardless of the situation. Although it may be used on various devices, including phones and tablets, web browsers are where it is most frequently utilized. JavaScript is the best programming language for developing web apps because it is widely used in the construction of web and mobile apps.


React is a JavaScript library that was first introduced in 2013 and is currently available as open-source software. It is one of the greatest front-end languages nowadays due to its reputation for producing robust user interfaces for web application development. Reusable components, virtual DOM for interactive online activities, and JSX, a syntax extension used to write HTML text code alongside React, are just a few of React’s key features. React is one of the greatest languages for building large-scale web apps, giving developers even more reason to consider it an essential component of Facebook’s technology stack.


Hypertext Preprocessor, or PHP, is a popular server programming language used in web development. Since its creation in 1995, this language has collaborated with various well-known PHP web frameworks. Most PHP frameworks provide robust security measures and are free to use. The modules and libraries that PHP offers ensure the building of dynamic UK dental software. Because of these factors, PHP is used to create most content management systems and web apps.

A newer version of PHP may speed up pages by using less memory and making internal code enhancements. Almost all PHP-based web apps benefit from accelerated instruction execution. It might be PrestaShop, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, or another platform. Search engines must index websites and monitor the speed of their crawling. The better they are at responding quickly, the more likely it is that they will appear higher in search results.


C# is the solution if you’re seeking a single enterprise language. It is more difficult than C++ and other C family languages. Most web developers design enterprise apps utilize C# since it is a high-level language. As opposed to Assembly, it compiles to byte-code. But you should know that internal business apps perform best when written in C#. C# is ideal if you want a standard app for your business. However, JavaScript and Python are the ones to take into account if you’re seeking cloud-based services and online applications


Ruby is a general-purpose, interpreted language. The language is widely used for online development worldwide and is strongly advised to newcomers wishing to start with backend web programming because it is noticeably easier to master. Ruby has an emphasis on increasing developer productivity, much like Python does, which eventually speeds up the web development process. Let’s not forget that many other programming languages, including Perl, Lisp, Eiffel, Ada, etc., have been greatly influenced by Ruby. Practically this particular language supports every major platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Practically this particular language supports every major platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Dynamic typing and duck typing, automatic garbage collection, a sizable standard library, unique dispatch behavior, flexibility and scalability, centralized package management with RubyGems, etc., are a few of the prominent features that come with Ruby.


TypeScript’s importance has seen a sharp uptick in recent years. TypeScript now ranks 4th in pull requests of Github. Support from Google and Microsoft has made it a one of the major reasons why it has gotten so popular now.

Major benefit of of TypeScript is it provides static typing when needed in JavaScript. Almost 15% of the JavaScript errors are detected by TypeScript then the code is also easier to refactor as compared to code in JavaScript. Transferring other codes like PHP, Java or C# is also easier in TypeScript than JavaScript.


Another excellent programming language that has developed over time in Perl. Its primary function was text manipulation initially, but it has now expanded to include web applications, web development, and network administration. It is a language that produces programs rapidly and effectively. Therefore, it works best when a business needs to test the viability of a certain idea. Most web developers do not favor a particular language; hence, it has remained stable over the past few years.


GoLang has become talk of the town because of its ease and high performance. There is nothing like type hierarchy in this language but it is not a complete object oriented language. Major benefit of GoLang is it is a compiled language so it has less memory consumption and high speed. GoLang is an ideal choice for the application which has high traffic system.

Libraries in GoLang makes it easier to create applications from scratch as there are great number of libraries. If you are building an application which requires speed and effectiveness, then you should be GoLang as its open-source web development frameworks can get the job done easily.


These are the best languages for web app development in 2022. Undoubtedly, this list might be expanded given that no single programming language or industry has a perfect solution. We strongly advise thoroughly investigating your target market and audience, determining the features your application should have and then deciding on the type of application you want to develop before deciding on the programming language.

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