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8 Best Examples of Apps Built With Python To Focus

Umer Uzair

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One of the universal computer languages is now Python. Since 1991, it has gained popularity among coders, startups, and some of the biggest tech brands for several reasons. This server-side programming language has been used to develop thousands of apps. What features of this computer language make it so compelling and flexible? And Python isn’t just a server-side computer language, either. Python is used in a variety of fields besides web programming.  Python is being used as a primary programming language include game development, desktop GUI, audio and video applications. Furthermore in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and data visualization. Here we have compiled the list of top 8 best apps in python.

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8 Best Examples of Apps Built With Python To Focus

1-     Dropbox

A well-known web-based hosting service called Dropbox offers options for file syncing, cloud storage, client software, and private clouds. Users who want access to any file on their computer devices from anywhere choose Dropbox, a Python-based storage solution. Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android users can access Dropbox. Organizing and distributing the files using the cloud across numerous devices required effort. Python provides a consistent and quick production cycle. Therefore, it is possible to implement, deploy, and test any new features rapidly.

2-     Instagram

Instagram is the most well-known of the finest Python apps. You probably already know that this app revolutionized digital photography by making it instantaneous, widely available, and approachable, opening up new avenues for creativity and setting new standards for marketing. It enables users to capture pictures with a camera as basic as a smartphone, edit them, and share them online. The idea that Python-based apps are not truly scalable is clearly refuted by their nearly 500 million daily active users. Do the easy things first is Instagram’s engineering ethos, according to Instagram engineer Hui Ding, and Python enables Top Python Development Company in USA to do just that. They find it user-friendly, straightforward, tidy, and in support of pure pragmatism. And because it’s so well-liked, expanding an engineering staff is much simpler.

3-     Pinterest

With the help of the well-known social network Pinterest, users can gather, bookmark, and share pictures with other users. It is one of the most popular apps on the internet right now and a typical Python application illustration. Pinterest uses Python to handle massive amounts of material. Most of Pinterest’s source code is written in Python, even though it frequently experiments with other technologies. Because Python was the technology they were familiar with, their developers used it to create a social media platform for sharing and gathering visual material in 2009 and 2010. But it’s become more evident that Python’s adaptability attracted the company’s programmers to the high-level, multi-purpose language in the first place.

4-     Spotify

Spotify, the popular music streaming service that has taken the globe by storm, is another well-known app created in Python. You can already see how many use cases there are for Python, even though we are only the third program on our list. It is simple to see why Python was an ideal fit. Again, its quickness and ease of use make it the ideal option for this medium, as everyone desires an intuitive audio-listening experience. Particularly noteworthy are Spotify’s Radio and Discover features, which use algorithms to recognize the user’s musical tastes and guide them in discovering new music.

5-     Reddit

Although it was initially written in Common Lisp, the American social news aggregator and discussion website Reddit also operates on Python. Reddit moved in search of more expansive access to code libraries and increased development flexibility. You could compare this website to an anthill if you took a closer look. In thousands of categories, registered users upload content like text, video, or images, allowing others to vote it up or down. Users assist in translating Reddit into 89 different languages by using a localization management tool. Again, Python’s “batteries included” philosophy allows it to handle the workload and complex features.

6-     Facebook

Just behind C++ and Hack, Facebook’s proprietary PHP dialect, Python is the third most popular language among production engineers at the social media behemoth. Because Python libraries are so simple to use, the production engineers can concentrate on getting changes live because they don’t have to write or maintain as much code. Additionally, it guarantees that Facebook’s technology can expand effectively. At Facebook, tools and services that manage infrastructure, binary delivery, hardware imaging, and operational automation have an average of over 5,000 commits.

Facebook stated in a post from 2016 that Python is presently in charge of many infrastructure management services. These include using Dapper for planning and carrying out maintenance tasks, TORconfig for handling network switch configuration and imaging, and FBOSS for white box switch CLIs. Numerous open-source Python projects created for Py3 have been released by Facebook, including a Python Async IRCbot framework and a Facebook Advertising API.

7-     Quora

Since Yahoo Answers has no longer existed, Quora is arguably the most well-known Q&A website. RIP. Quora is best known for its compelling queries and occasionally dubious answers. However, it is incredibly famous and is another website heavily utilizing Python. Python’s ability to be so dynamic has streamlined Quora’s process for developing new features by enabling them to create and test new functionality with fewer lines of code. Python is so easy to use that even non-engineers and designers can create code when needed. Quora uses a variety of Python libraries on its backend, including Tornado and PyPy, among others, according to their precise tech stack.

8-     Netflix

With over 33 million subscribers and coverage in 40 nations, Netflix has emerged as the most popular internet television network. The program is used monthly to watch over one billion hours of TV. That also includes original Netflix programming. Without question, Top Python Development Company in USA have access to the most cutting-edge technology. Most of them use Python due to its robust battery of features, including the standard module. Others have praised Python for its clear and expressive syntax, large developer community, and abundance of third-party tools to address various issues.


Governmental, commercial, and small businesses of all sizes use Python. Python is simple to use, scalable, and understandable, so it’s not surprising. Regardless of its requirements, Python is almost certainly the best option for your project. Whether it’s a straightforward web application or a complicated machine learning and data science project, Python already has the most applicable framework and many libraries to depend on.

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