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DAVINCI Customize And Control Your Vape Experience!

DaVinci focuses on supporting the hardware/vape devices of the company. This app helps you customize and control your vaping dosage and let you enjoy it fully. Its additional features allow you to optimize the flavor and extraction experience. You can also view your vaping historical length of draw, rate, and track session.


The Making Of Application

The client came to us addressing the problem of not getting their iOS app on the Apple App Store due to policies and compliance issues. They already had the android application and wanted us to figure out a way to make an app for Apple users.

Key Challenges

  • Since the technology stack is completely changed, we faced many challenges, such as getting all functionality integration as same as the Android version of the app.
  • We also worked on the firmware to integrate it into the app, for which we had to test the vape devices on runtime to create a fully functional mobile app successfully. The entire process was a challenge for AppVerticals development team.

Solution Achieved By AppVerticals

When we created the fundamental concept for this application, we realized we had to build something extraordinary, appealing, and unique.

Key Features

  • The foremost objective of the client was to make an app for Apple users that support iOS integrated devices. Thus, our team researched different vaping devices and worked on the firmware to produce a vape application that would run smoothly on iOS devices.
  • We tested various vape devices on runtime to successfully create a fully functional iOS app.
  • After numerous lengthy yet successful conversations, our development team came together with a brand-altering method.
  • We integrated ReactJS & Node.js framework to develop language and function.
  • The technology we used to make DaVinci are Firebase, Bug Tracking, Crashlytics, Sentry.io, and more.

DaVinci’s Key Features

  • Customized Smart Paths to optimize flavor and vaping experience.
  • Toggle Vibration Alerts to notify users when it’s time to take the dosage.
  • Dosage Meter to measure compounds produced by draw and sessions.
  • Session Information that notifies users about their historical length of draws, temperature, and strains.
  • Session Ratings to rate and track session experience.

Key Technology

Frameworks and Languages
  • ReactJS
  • Node Js
Technologies Integrated
  • Sentry.io, Bug Tracking, Firebase, and Crashlytics

Application Interface

The iOS-supported application uses essential design elements and an appealing theme to convey elegance to the eyes. Its features enhance the user experience and foster a link between the app and the user, forming an excellent brand image and vaping experience.


What Makes DaVinci Different?

The concept of DaVinci is new to the world because it offers mobile apps along with its vaping products to its customers that help them quit tobacco smoking quickly. With the help of mobile apps, users can easily track and measure their regular vape dosage. Although it was a challenging assignment, AppVerticals did it. We are the proud initiators of this app that stands out in the vape market.

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