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Overall, I was very impressed with their performance. AppVerticals Development was very responsive throughout the planning, scoping and development process. All work was completed on time and within budget.

Project Manager, Big Bricks Home Furnishers


They single-handedly worked to develop the dynamic reporting engine, which was a brand new reporting system. I was quite impressed when they were able to deliver the project in just about half the time than what we had normally expected. To be able to finish a development task of that complexity in such a short span of time was really remarkable.

Lead Software Developer, JR Holdings


All our projects with AppVerticals, up to this point, have reached successful conclusions. The team to our surprise not only listened to our complaints and issues but also acted to resolve them immediately. AppVerticals certainly knows how to satisfy their customers.

Founder, Yell Exclusive


AppVerticals has an excellent development team; they are patient, communicative and very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The project manager and web developer assigned to our project were especially very dedicated and professional and were always willing to go an extra mile to get things done.

Project Manager, Cloud Sourcing


AppVerticals have a strong sense of communication and ensure that their customers are regularly updated regarding any changes or additions to the project. Unlike working with other design agencies, we were well aware of the progress and developments in the project and this made our work much easier.

Black Walters


We have had a fantastic experience with AppVerticals. The quality of work has been exceptional and most importantly, the management of the project was carried out smoothly without any mishaps. We would definitely like to work with them again.


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