Terms of Service


App Vertical will not share, rent or sell your personal information to any third-party or share/use your email address with unidentified or unsolicited mail. Any e-mail that is sent by AppVerticals will only be sent to the association of agreed products and services.

Disclaimer Exclusions and Limitations

Information provided via this website is on “as is” basis. This Company permitted to the fullest extent by law: we hold rights to excludes all the warranties and representations related to this website. Content that is provided by any other third party and affiliates including inaccuracies or errors and omissions in company’s literature and in this website also strictly followed under the clause of exclusion rights hold by this company. We are also permitted to exclude liability for adverse effects and damages related or arising out of your use of this website. This comprises, without limitation, profit or loss of business (either such loss was predictable, occurred in normal situations or you have notified AppVerticals of probability or possibility of such potential loss), damage or loss to your computer, systems, software, data and program or any other mean direct or indirect consequential and related damages.

Death or personal injury liability is not excluded by AppVerticals that is caused by negligence. These above-mentioned exclusions and boundaries apply to law permitted extent to this company. Right imposed by statute as a consumer will not be affected.

Duties and Responsibilities

AppVerticals serves clients as a contractor to design, develop and implement mobile application software according to the specification and related information if any and as set forward by the Client.

Termination of Agreements and Refund Policy

We will reject and terminate the agreement upon the occurrence of the following listed events:

Both party defaults in any relevant obligation owed to the other party pursuant to the agreement, then such given agreement may be terminated if defaults are not handled with prior notice of forty-five (45) days to the defaulting party.

Any party that is insolvent or bankrupt, or insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings are instituted against to particular party and within forty-five (45) days as proceeding are not dismissed after commencement.

In the case when AppVerticals does not receive first payment by the Client for not less than 10 days after the client official contract signing then AppVerticals hold the authority to terminate entire project immediately and consider the contract as void.

Mobile Application Software ownership and related confidentiality will last with the termination or expiration of the Agreements.

In event of early termination which will be due to AppVerticals’ Default, App Vertical will agree to deliver mobile application software then completed. In that instance AppVerticals will be paid to prorate/calculated share for the work; however, if the share amount cannot be settled and agreed upon, the Client can return the work done and other associated terms of their contract go into consequences.

Once agreement process into termination if upon any other time, AppVerticals will immediately deliver notes, memoranda, notebooks, records, files, reports, source codes, documentation and other documents (copied files or duplicates of such materials) under its control or in its possession either prepared by AppVerticals or others that may contain confidential information.

Once you agree and completely finalized project details with our expert app staff and AppVerticals begin working on your project, any further additional changes in given details that cause addition or extra requirement proposed later by you may result in an extra addition of money to the total amount of the project. Such changes that are demand later by will be charged shall depend on the nature of the desired changes you to expect in your project.

Refund will not be offered once after the team begins to provide service and it is for all the objectives, intents and purposes, underway. However initial requirement gathering, official contract signing, detailed proposal drafting, quality assurance, design prototyping, ROI strategy, deployment & publishing, quality assurance etc. Once an official contract is signed by clients with AppVerticals it is considered as final and official decision form client end and if clients decided to cease the project during the project is in process without any mutual declaration or decision, violate terms and condition signed between both parties then AppVerticals can reserves all rights and can claim legal damages against such company or client.

Ownership of Software

AppVerticals agrees that mobile application software development service is “work for hire” within the meaning and act prescribed by Copyright Act of 1976 that the mobile app software developed by the company is the sole property of the client.

AppVerticals hereby without any further compensations assigns to the clients all of its right, interest in and title and to the mobile application software and any patent applications, related patents, copyright applications, copyrights, trade names in the United States, trademarks and elsewhere. Client’s conspicuous notice of copyrights will be added in all versions of the mobile application software. Depending on the project nature, AppVerticals has right to charge extra amount in order to publish the application with client’s name.

Log Files

AppVerticals uses IP address to administer the site, analyze trends, and track user’s movement and to collect information details for demographics. Personally, identifiable information is not linked to IP addresses. Moreover, our web servers regulate a process to log standard access information. This includes access times/open mail, Referral URL and URL requested. All the related information we access automatically through servers to third parties and only will be used with the company required dealings with need-to-know basis. Your identifiable information and data will never be shared or used in any other different way that is mentioned above without your exact permissions.

Independent Contractor

App Vertical will perform as a private and independent contractor in terms of accommodating service to its Clients. Neither AppVerticals nor AppVerticals’ employees, consultants, contractors of AppVerticals who are performing services for the App Vertical’s clients will be considered as agents of the clients or employees. AppVerticals’ clients will not be responsible for AppVerticals’ acts and employees while performing services under the signed Agreement.

Change in Specifications

If the Client request to make any changes in specification AppVerticals will attempt its best to implement the desired changes at no additional charges and to clients, while keeping up the project on track to deliver mobile application software without delay.

Moreover, if requested changes will in opinion of AppVerticals require delay in project delivery or would result to add extra or additional payments to the client, then the discussion will between AppVerticals and Client will lead to option for the client that is either to withdraw its proposed changes in specifications or agree to get project delivery from AppVerticals with delay and additional expense for the mobile application software. AppVerticals will entertain all the specification if the said changes do not affect the ongoing mobile software development project phase and will be made once after completing the initial and prioritize stage.


AppVerticals will provide training consultation to Client and its employees to guide with mobile application software requested reasonably by the client time to time out of any additional charges to the Client. A detailed manual will be provided to Client to inform about the use of software once after or before completion of the acceptance by Clients. AppVerticals training provided hereunder will be performed at a mutually agreed time and location by both parties. Upon training period expiration and Request by Clients, AppVerticals will provide training and any support service requested or required by clients, such services will be catering on time and material basis with the current hourly rate of such services at AppVerticals.

Force Majeure

Neither party will be answerable to the other for any sort of failure to accomplish/perform any obligation under any Contract / Agreement due to any sudden event occurrence that is beyond the control of such party but not limited to any insurrection, military authority, riot, civil unrest, Act of God, Political insurgence, earthquake, uprising, flood or any other natural or man-made consequence outside of our control which leads to causes for the termination of a contract or Agreement entered into and nor which could be reasonably predicted.

Any party that gets affected by any such mentioned above events will immediately inform the other party of the same and will take appropriate actions to comply with the terms & conditions of any Agreement covered herein.


AppVerticals warrants that for a decided definite period of time, as specified and mentioned in the official contract. Once after the project is delivered AppVerticals will provide maintenance contract which is not less than one year that is substantial to ensure smooth operation carried /conduct via provided software. In an above-mentioned scenario, there is no requirement from Client side to sign a lengthy maintenance contract as bugs and initial programming error appear in the first initial months only. In an event where Client breach or violate the warranty mentioned above AppVerticals will take necessary action at its expense to make Mobile Application Software operation adhere to mentioned warranty.

AppVerticals warrants that the Software development by AppVerticals will not infringe upon trade secret, copyright, patent or other property interest of any third party. AppVerticals will indemnify Client against all desecration claims, suits, losses, and harms including, but not, cost and attorney’s fees and will promptly adhere any claim for the violation, breach or infringement correct the Mobile application software.

No Waiver

Failure of either Party will firmly demand upon strict performance of either provision of this Agreement or any. In term where the either party fails to exercise remedy or right to which it, they or he/she are called hereunder will not constitute a waiver and will not cause reduction of the commitments / obligations under this or any provided Agreement. No waiver of the provisions will be effective under this or any Agreement unless it is specifically identified and stated to be such and both Parties to sign it.

Notification of Changes

AppVerticals reserves the rights to bring any changes to these conditions when required as it sees. If there are any changes made to our terms of service, we will announce that these changes have been made on mobile application home page and other required key pages on our site. Further App Vertical will also acknowledge about using customer’s personally identifiable information via email or via postal mail. AppVerticals update the website with its privacy policy revision and posted 30 days prior to changes taking place.

These terms of use are the part of the Agreement between the Client and AppVerticals. You agree with accessing this website and/ or Agreement, a booking or undertaking indicates your consideration, agreement to and acceptance of the updated Disclaimer Notice. Your legal and statutory consumer rights are unaffected.


We have various means to communicate your queries. You may contact us by making a call to us on our toll-free number mentioned on site by emailing us at info@AppVerticals.com. For other detail such as our address and postal codes feel free to visit our website at www.AppVerticals.com

DISCLAIMER: Logo, portfolio, images and content are the sole property of AppVerticals. All third party company names, brand names, trademarks displayed on this website are the property of their respective owners. Furthermore, AppVerticals has no influence over the third party material that is being displayed on the website. Therefore, we are also not responsible for any resemblance with any other material on the web. These portfolios and case studies are actual but exemplary (for better understanding); the actual names, designs, functionality, content and stats/facts may differ from the actual apps that have been published. This is due to the strict NDA policy that AppVerticals adheres to.

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