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Banking and finance applications have brought transactions and trading options to the fingertips of clients. If you are looking to improve your financial business mobile app, ensure customer security and its data while allowing a rich customer experience and connect with one of our partners for expert advice and guidance.

As a leading Finance App Development company, we cater to a wide range of financial sectors, including banks, investment firms, cryptocurrency applications, and other financial institutions. We build fintech apps that bring mobile banking and other features to your customers' reach.


Blockchain is a highly secure and efficient technology for financial applications. Maintains an accurate record of all transactions, minimizes fraud, and is best suited for digital identity verification, trading platforms, cross-border transactions, etc.

Data Science

Financial applications come with a lot of data that requires common management. At the same time, the developers of our financial system are using advanced technologies and data solutions. The enhanced app will help you get smart data.

Language Of Coding and Frames

coding languages and frameworks used for both back-end and advanced development that we use include Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, Angular, React, Flutter, Django, i -MEAN, Laravel, and more.

Why Choose AppVerticals For Finance

App Development Services

Engineers at AppVerticals have a few years of experience in mobile application development, with dedicated resources carrying expertise in finance application development services in the USA.

A top finance application development company trusted by leading entrepreneurs and businesses in the financial industry.

We believe in ultimate transparency and integrity. Throughout the development process, we keep you informed about the state and life cycle. Based on your feedback, changes are made on time.

In addition, our financial application development solutions are very affordable, and there are no hidden costs involved. The team of fintech software developers in AppVerticals is working on development within a limited budget.

Key Features Of Our Finance

App Development Services

Credit Calculator

Allow your customers to quickly calculate their monthly payments by entering the total amount of the loan or finance.

  • EMI calculation
  • Calculation of profit
Currency Exchange

It has made it difficult to exchange one currency for another online with this powerful fintech app. There is no need to visit banks or credit unions.

  • Foreign trade
  • Safe and useful services
Push Notifications

Send personal notifications to app users to let them know about the latest discounts, discounts, and more to keep them engaged.

  • Transfer messages
  • Inform about promo
Intuitive Dashboard

While building the fintech app, our engineers created an easy-to-use UI / UX dashboard to keep customers engaged and improve user interaction.

  • Real-time statistics
  • Efficient, time-saving efficiency
Two-Factor Verification

Security is a very important part of financial applications. As a leading company developing a fintech application, we ensure that we add the authenticity feature to two things.

  • Strong security
  • Minimize fraudulent activities
Multiple Payment Gates

Enhance international sales with a combination of multiple payment gateways while giving users the payment method of their choice.

  • Easy and secure integration
  • Fast processing

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Our Case Studies

Some Of The Exceptional Projects, We Thoroughly Enjoy Bringing Our Strategy, Expertise, And Execution To Action


Bitbox is a unique and feature-rich platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Using this application, users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency from any part of the world; you don't have to go physically to do transactions. The application has a special gateway to perform the transaction.

View Case Study

The project is to design and develop a mobile news streaming app where users who have subscribed to the app will be able to view news from different categories and stream live news channels.

View Case Study

Enqueue Arabia is a Food & Drink App By Usus Business Services Company. Through adopting innovative techniques using new technologies and being on the edge of advancements in the field, focusing on the Saudi and the Middle East markets all the while.

View Case Study

Look Who's Outdoors is a dedicated media company that provides the platform for people to connect through outdoor love and experiences. Look Who's Outdoors is a platform or bubble where the outdoor is the center.

View Case Study

Budget University is an online platform that educates people worldwide about saving money, tracking spending, and pursuing financial goals. It was founded on the principles of building generational wealth and financial knowledge.

View Case Study

Bitbox is a unique and feature-rich platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Using this application, users are able to initiate transactions anywhere in US. Think of Bitbox like your very own physical cryptocurrency ATM.

VTL News was designed and developed to be a leading mobile news streaming app. Subscribed users are able to view news from all sorts of categories including being able to access news while there’s also a free version.

Enqueue is a food and & drink app created for Usus Business Services Company. The app primarily addresses the needs of the Saudi and MENA region by utilizing the latest methodologies and techniques in food delivery apps.

Look Who’s Outdoors is a platform that has been developed to connect people who love the outdoors. Users are able to create events, explore different events near them while also being able to connect with likeminded people.

Budget University is an online platform that has been developed to educate people globally about saving money, tracking spending and pursuing financial goals. This project was founded on the principles of spreading sound financial knowledge.

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Finance Application

Development FAQ's

How much time do you take to develop the Finance app?

However, there are many factors that can affect the timing of application development. In order to estimate the potential time of your project, you need to pay attention to the following.

The complexity of the project

Quality and testing

Targeted field


Your team

What is the best programming language for building a fintech Android app?

In-app development, a combination of end-to-end encoding is used. At AppVerticals, we run Java, Kotlin, Node.js, Python, and. NET. These are some of the best programming languages for fintech apps too.

How do you ensure the security of banking applications developed by your team?

We prioritize security for all types of applications built by us. When it comes to building financial and banking applications, our engineers ensure the use of secure code, adhere to international security standards, eliminate distractions, and integrate user retention features such as dual authentication, etc

How do you create a financial application?

We collect all project details from the client. Afterward, we onboard our best developers and initiate the financial app development process.

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