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Hire Laravel PHP developers in USA and build user-friendly web and mobile applications. Our top PHP Laravel developers can easily create professional web and mobile applications for your business. From simple apps to complex CMS for e-commerce websites, our Laravel development services are grounded on building and delivering projects of any size at affordable prices.

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We have been providing full-cycle PHP Laravel development services in the USA for decades. Our experts plan, design, build, test, and maintain our clients’ web and mobile applications. We have a team of laravel developer for hire who delivers high-performance and secure web applications matching your business goals or multifunctional websites.

AppVerticals Laravel development services include web development, front-end & back-end services, Laravel programmers, and web design. As a reliable company in USA, we offer skilled developers to help you with business projects. You can hire dedicated Laravel developers to build online shops, B2B and B2C e-commerce websites, and marketplaces.

Our flexible digital solutions can scale well from one product to several and are optimized for mobile devices. With quality programming integration by our Laravel backend developer, you can easily create a catalog and sell products to the targeted market.

Get Laravel consulting, development, and support from our PHP experts today!

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Why Hire Laravel

Developers From AppVerticals

As a top Laravel development company in the USA, we have years of experience building secure and robust solutions for all web development projects. Our expert PHP Laravel developers help you structure a detailed approach for building Laravel-powered applications and websites for your business.


We offer the most economical proposals in terms of value for money. Our costs are beneficial compared to other digital agencies in the United States.

Quick Time
to Market

Our Laravel full stack developers have the potential to speed up the Laravel programming for your projects to bring business agility.


Our certified laravel developers have years of experience in PHP Laravel programming that helps them easily create professional web and mobile business solutions.


We provide highly experienced Laravel developers for hire with a talented team of designers who seamlessly manage workflow.

the MVP

Our team works with you to understand the underlying problems and designs a corresponding program to sell your product.


Our designers and developers regularly meet with you to streamline all the processes involved in the project to stay on the same page with our client.

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Service Offered

Laravel Web

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Laravel-Based CMS

Laravel Extension

Laravel Development

Laravel Web Development

From a simple web portal to a complex enterprise business application with mission-critical tasks, we at AppVerticals empower our Laravel full stack developers to address the full spectrum of your business needs. When it comes to delivering robust PHP web development services, we offer unparalleled development opportunities. Our CMS and Laravel specialists design, develop, customize, and deliver the engaging website, web application, and portal that helps enterprises experience reliable and scalable web solutions. Whether a small business need or a large-scale enterprise necessity, we offer PHP-based application development to all business sizes. Alongside the development, we have competency for modernization and upgrading legacy products and web platforms with a rich PHP ecosystem. With continual care, AppVerticals provides exclusive maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization services for your existing PHP accomplishments and preserve your online investment.

Custom Module Development

As a leading digital solution company, we offer custom module development to clients. Our team develops high-quality software products using the right plan and technology stack. The target is to increase engagements, propel revenues, and optimize business processes for your website and applications. Custom module development allows you to extend and add new features to your web app installation. Your website can give visitors an innovative shopping experience that is truly unique to your business. It accelerates your website’s search engine performance. Also, it helps you turn your existing website into a productive E-commerce store and let you manage calendar page on your current website. The custom module allows end-users to vote for the content created by the site owner. The module best fits websites based on movies, books, applications, and others. So hire expert Laravel developers today!

Laravel-Based CMS Development

AppVerticals is highly experienced in delivering successful PHP-based CMS development services. Our Laravel backend developers have profound and extensive experience delivering quality online content management systems at par brilliance. PHP-based CMS websites are more secure since they use custom code, making it difficult to breach their security. Moreover, PHP-based CMS websites and applications contain various library functions, which helps them get easily customized based on your business requirements. Most PHP frameworks have updates regarding new features and provide the best user experience with fewer efforts. With the help of our Laravel full stack developers, you can expect both professional and highly imaginative web and mobile applications. Our certified laravel developers help you create simple apps to complex CMS for E-commerce websites at a quick turnaround time without spending a lot of money.

Laravel Extension Development

We develop PHP extensions and plugins for different CMS and PHP-based SaaS. Our dedicated team of Larval backend developers delivers exclusive PHP extensions and web platforms. We create custom PHP extensions to enhance your website’s performance and capabilities with additional features. Using PHP extensions can avoid having to recreate the same code for numerous applications. Our PHP developers are experienced in creating custom PHP web extensions that speed up your website’s performance with additional functionalities. Moreover, it lets you get connected to databases. AppVerticals develop lightweight PHP extensions that significantly improve web app potential and usability while imposing minimal load. So hire dedicated laravel developers today.

Laravel Development Framework

AppVerticals provides customized and flexible PHP development frameworks. PHP framework speeds up the web application development processes, simplifies web application maintenance, and works with databases more efficiently. PHP framework also protects websites from targeted security attacks and automates common web development tasks. Our laravel backend developers employ best-in-class PHP frameworks to create amazing websites. So hire dedicated laravel developers today for your business.

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Methodology Agile
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Project Trackers Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine etc.

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AppVerticals Manage Team

AppVerticals provides you with innovative website design and web application development solutions. Our managing team takes time to fully assess your brand’s condition and stage where it stands. We relentlessly focus on developing strategies, websites, and applications that can drive more sales, increase growth, and attract more customers. After an in-depth inspection, we move on to the planning phase, developing innovative strategies. In the next step, the managing team sends the specifications to the designing team for planning, building, and testing the designed and developed website/application solution before launching it to your customers.

Client Manage Team

Our client management team works closely with clients to better understand their brand and develop a website that caters to their goals. Our laravel backend developers & front-end designers make sure they create sites and web apps like no other. Here, we promise to serve you with advanced E-commerce solutions for your online store that will increase your customer satisfaction. Our website designs enable you to reach out to customers globally. Contact us if you wish to develop an online E-commerce store with exceptional user-friendliness and flexibility.

Hybrid Model

At AppVerticals, we make ingenious shopping solutions with the best E-commerce websites. Our web apps are the perfect blend of innovative, user-friendly digital solutions. Our skilled team of Laravel full stack developers combines their passion with software technology and PHP analytics to provide you with cutting-edge experience. With our team's expertise and experience, we design and develop engaging, visually pleasing, and feature-packed websites. Our developed websites guarantee to help your business grow. So hire dedicated Laravel developers today!

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PHP Laravel

Development FAQ's

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source web application. It has a model-view-controller design pattern and different frameworks to facilitate the development process. Applications built with Laravel are more structured and pragmatic.

What are the benefits of using the PHP Laravel framework?

The PHP framework has many features like database migration, scheduling, seeding, queuing, notifications, etc. It has a command-line interface that simplifies the process of building apps.

How do Laravel works?

We worked in a range of PHP web development frameworks. Our diversified team of web developers is proficient in multiple aspects like PHP frameworks (core PHP, Laravel, etc.), CMS development (WordPress), and E-commerce development (Magento, Shopify, etc.)

Why is Laravel so popular?

Laravel is popular because its model-view-controller architecture provides exceptional support and performance. Moreover, it has a template engine for outstanding layouts

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