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About the Project

The project MOBe was built on the idea to provide remote access to office documents to make them more accessible and easy to carry. MOBe software comes with its set of machines (printer, scanner) and hardware that are installed at multiple locations across the country in the form of kiosks. The user must be in possession of a credit card to be able to use the setup and which will also pay for the amount charged for the documents printed, scanned or faxed.

The program allows the user to access their documents on MOBe cloud, print, copy or fax documents, or scan the hard copies to store to cloud without any prior registration in the system. The user also has the option to send the print command to any nearby machine through the Web Interface of application and then collect the printed documents from that place.

The Challenges

There were a couple of technical challenges that needed to be overcome while working on MOBe:

  1. Disable all the features of Windows through which User may be able to bypass application, including the Shutdown/Restart functionality.
  2. Interception of all the requests to Printing and Scanning Devices so that User can be charged accurately.
  3. Communication of PC and Web Interface to allow remote prints.

Solution Provided

To solve the afore mentioned issues, following steps were taken,

  • We researched and scripted Windows Group Policies and executed those scripts whenever our application was launched, one trickier part of it was to make a secure backdoor for administration purposes
  • We intercepted the sockets that connected to the hardware and intercepted whichever command was sent to the hardware and took desired actions
  • Every kiosk was specified to implement smart polling to see if any command was sent to it by pinging server, this could have been done the other way around, i.e. Server sending the command anytime the command occurs from the web, but it had some expensive scenarios, due to which we followed the above mentioned approach.

Technology Used

  • Desktop Application:Net Framework (WPF)
  • Web Interface: PHP (Code Ignitor), Bootstrap
  • Admin Web Interface: PHP (Code Ignitor), QuickBooks
  • Database Access: MS SQL Server


Machines with MOBe software installed was placed in kiosks across multiple locations across the country to provide easy access. The machines are fully operational and work seamlessly by the instructions provided.

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