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About the Project

Luminaire is a web application that was developed to assist users in their home designing process. Whether a person is building a new home or renovating their existing living space, finding the perfect lightening with the right size, wattage and size can be a hassle. The program provides the user with a comprehensive guide to setup and installs the lights that perfectly matches with the interior of their room.

Luminaire was designed after our client Target Source Media approached us with an MVP product that allowed lightening retailers and providers to quickly create a custom website with a comprehensive product configurator. The developer’s team at AppVerticals programmed it with an approach to providing a comprehensive shopping experience to the users as a one-stop shop for all the home lightening needs.

The Challenge

Project scaling and customizability was a major concern that we faced in this project. Furthermore, there was no centralized global product management for the admins. To allow a full penetration into the market, we had to ensure that the application was user-friendly and easy to use. The target was to achieve a complete end user satisfaction shopping experience.

Solution Provided

AppVerticals collaborated with several major lightening providers to allow catalogue consolidation into a single product schema. It was designed to accommodate 1,000 configurations per an item. The solution offered comprised of the following:

  • Completely re-engineered the Luminaire solution that was implemented with a centralized Magento 2.0 backend and supported by an AWS cloud infrastructure
  • The raw product tables were customized, and APIs were moved onto creating import scripts to allow national lightening manufacturers to keep the data updated
  • WordPress platform implementation with WooCommerce for individual lightening providers sites
  • Programmed three custom restricted plugins that pull in the master catalogue from Magento to allow product configuration and comparison functionality

Technology Used

A network of individual PHP sites was utilized that were working in parallel in an independent cloned system environment. The technology and platform used in this project are as listed below:

  • Wordpress - Multiple Vendor frontends
  • Magento - Centralized backend


The Luminaire Selector product has gained effective results and gained popularity in a short span of time. The application that started off with small regional installations now serves as a leading lightening service provider to various retailers across U.S from New Mexico to New York. With a simple and intuitive interface provides a 100% accuracy catalogue update in real-time. Some prominent lightening service providers like Insight Lighting, Triple C Lighting, HLA Lighting are making use of our application to engage with their users and create unique digital experiences.

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