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The project Event Slack was built on the idea to provide remote access to office documents to make them more accessible and easy to carry.


A social networking application that allows the user to stay connected with a circle of likeminded people through events or any social gathering taking place near to their marked location. Through the use of this application, a user can participate in different happenings in their community that can be filtered according to their likes and interests.

Moreover, separate groups can be made where people can interact and organize their events. The user can share and invite others to their event, build a profile and even chat with users in their community. Got2Go2 is a platform that allows easy access to places that are otherwise hidden or unexplored. The application not only notifies the user of any upcoming events near their location but also guides them with proper direction to the place of theevent.

The Challenge

There are many kinds of social media application on the market that are trying to bridge the gap between users from all over the world and hence connect them without requiring any real interaction.

Our application, on the other hand, proposed to improve the physical contact instead of staying in touch through hand-held devices. For this purpose we had to study the demographics, understanding the user’s activities, hobbies, etc. to ensure that such a technology if developed will be used by our target audience.

The next real challenge in this project was to devise a search algorithm that can accurately filter out places and events based on user’s preferred choices.

Solution Provided

The following solutions have been so far provided to the client:

  • Proper marking of event location using google maps
  • A search engine has been integrated that finds places for the user that can be narrowed down to all the events in the community or the ones being held by the groups/organizations they have joined
  • The ability to build and manage personal profile and increase connectivity by engaging with other users via chat

Technology Used


  • javascript
  • Angular
  • gulp
  • Bower
  • Node Js

Back-end Technologies

  • Java
  • Struts


The project is currently in the development phase. However, one of its version has been released to the client to get a look and feel of the application and as an internal resource for the team members of the project.

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