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Problem Overview

Our client R&D Altanova is a leading provider of full-turn critical test interface solutions that specializes in Advanced Technology Printed Circuit Board Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Manufacturing services. The organization with over 100 employees operates globally with headquarters in South Plainfield, NJ. In such an expansive and distributed network, the need was to design sophisticated microchips for reputable companies like Intel and AMD that can allow collaboration among team members through multiple phases of development and testing.

About the Project

The project Altanova was designed considering the complex needs of the R&D Altanova employees. From employee management to microchip Quality Assurance, the system automates the entire process to allow maximum organization efficiency and productivity. Altanova is a web application that keeps track of the employee’s routine and tasks. The portal is designed with a dashboard that provides company’s insights and analysis of their weekly/monthly performance. It is a comprehensive tool that maintains and communicates information that can be easily accessed by the entire team.

The Challenge

There were a couple of technical challenges that needed to be overcome while working on Altanova:

  1. Maintaining the integrity of the complex system
  2. Be able to provide complex business insights remotely

Solution Provided

The challenges above required professional expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the system and as a result following solutions were derived:

  • To keep the integrity of the system, multi-level validations were implemented, i.e., Client, Server, and Database level. Apart from the validation process, multiple business flows were crafted by the team to keep the things synced.
  • State-of-the-art reporting tool using complex queries were provided showing the deepest insights of the processes, jobs, and employees.

Technology Used

  • Web Interface: Razor, HTML/CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap
  • Reporting Interface: Telerik Reporting
  • Backend Services: ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server

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