R&D Altanova

R&D Altanova a Full-Fledged System Offers Interconnect Solutions

Full Turn-Key Test Interface Solutions

Empower consumers to attain world-class time to market by providing advanced interconnect solutions with industry leading cycle times.

The Challenges

There were a couple of technical challenges that needed to be overcome while working on Altanova:
Maintaining the integrity of the complex system
Be able to provide complex business insights remotely

Solution Provided

The challenges above required professional expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the system and as a result following solutions were derived:

To keep the integrity of the system, multi-level validations were implemented, i.e., Client, Server, and Database level. Apart from the validation process, multiple business flows were crafted by the team to keep the things synced.
State-of-the-art reporting tool using complex queries were provided showing the deepest insights of the processes, jobs, and employees.

Technology Used

Web Interface
Reporting Interface
Backend Services


R&D Altanova is expected to arrive with further enhanced features to easy process and convince. We are efficiently working on full turn-key test solutions with further enhancements of the sleek interface and better usability.

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