Business Requirements

With the advent of social media platforms, people are open to connecting with individuals across the globe. However, this leads to having access to information from all over the world and missing out on important updates from your loved ones. So instead of spending time in unnecessary information and receiving unwanted requests from unknown sources, we built a platform named Momentpin that can provide solutions for such an evolving situation.

Technologies Used

  • Kotlin
  • Android Architecture Components
  • Android Jetpack components
  • MVVM Design Pattern
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • MVVM Design Pattern
  • Node JS / Express Framework
  • Firebase


Momentpin is a social networking mobile application that gives families, businesses, and communities a secure platform to connect. It provides private space for families where they can share moments in a secure way. Within each moment, you can create, organize and assign a task to members who can like, reply, and tag each other on moment activities. What makes Momentpin stand out is innovative solutions by giving private space where you can cherish moments with its non-broadcasting social networking approach. With child and parental link feature, children can also communicate online without being approached by unknown connections to make it utterly secured. Momentpin gives complete control to users on sharing, adding people with those they have real connections.

With Momentpin, people can only connect to those they have real-connection with. It provides a space secure enough to share and discuss content with not only adults but children as well. It prevents unknown profiles from reaching out to you unless you invite them to connect and gives access to parents to create a child account that can notify parents about child activities. Now Momentpin invites communities to the platform where they can connect with their members, discuss the issues and collect information via Poll.

Development Process


Describes the overall vision of a project, while also identifying the key stakeholders that will be involved in the project.


Create a release plan and review the alternatives to the execution. It is the transitional phase.


Write up the project's key lessons and closeout the previous versions of the software or other project components.


Outlines the project requirements and identifies the major milestones of the project.


Review the results of the transitional phase. Assess the current situation and performance of the project results.

Mobile App Screens

Mobile app screens have been designed keeping in mind the latest design trends and aesthetics giving the user a pleasant experience.

Web App Screens

Mobile responsive web app screens with customized themes matching the app design

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