Technologies Used


Using HTML5 enabled us to develop and deploy web content and to create refined and accurate web systems that operate across devices, operating systems, and web browsers.


JQuery made it very easy to use Web Page's DOM, animations, event handling, and executing Ajax calls to servers.

SVG and canvas

We made it our priority to maintain the Crispiness and high quality of the website visuals.

Modern CSS3 Animations

CSS3 transitions powered us to create simple animations that always start as the result of triggering a CSS property change.

The End Result

We developed a theme that exclusively endorsed every functional feature for Elevation Painting while pleasing users visually. For a better customer experience, we made sure that the website was user-friendly, easy to navigate, appealing, engaging, and search engine optimized.

The site we designed for Elevation Painting helped them increase their market share and customer base as the captivating features and virtual demo room experience, along with other eye-catching features, helped them hold and draw in more customers. The price budgeting and costing feature was another hit for the business as none of the other competitors had provided this feature to their customers until now.

Key Features

  • Custom Icons & Animated Logo
  • Demo Room
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Appointment Notifications
  • Budget Calculator
  • Chat Board
  • Social Media Integration
  • Typeahead

Website Demo

We developed a comprehensive website for Elevation Painting that engages visitors with animations and transitions as soon as users enter the website. Furthermore, it also enables visitors to choose the right color for their space in the online demo room, therefore reducing cost and also increasing user retention.

Chat Board and Calculator

24/7 available, get in touch chat board to serve the customers at the earliest and a budget calculation process, which is simple as clicking a button.

Custom Icons & Animated Logo

AppVerticals customized logos and icons for Elevation Painting to give their customers a personalized feel and enticing vibes.

Demo Room

An online demo room consisting of a living room, bedroom, and kitchen so that users can quickly test the color themes according to their needs.

Appointment Calendar

This feature enables the users to book appointments online to discuss their product choices and consult experienced representatives before making their purchase decisions.

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