Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Application Marketing

Once an application has been developed, deployed, tested and submitted to the app/play store, it needs to be marketed to reach out to its right audience. As a marketer, it is extremely important for you to have a clear picture of the kind of consumers you are targeting. Who is the person that will be most interested to use the application that you spend nights programming? Where does that person live? What are his/her interests and hobbies? How will your app help, improve or solve the target audience problem?

While you ponder over these questions, there are certain do’s and don’ts that we have analyzed and listed on this blog to that you should follow in order to achieve your desired marketing goal
Do Research.

This may look very clichéd but it actually forms the basis of your entire marketing plan and targeting strategy. Without exploring the trends and happenings of the market, you may succeed in achieving the immediate objectives but unfortunately, it will not last in the long run. Once you are clear about the vision you need to follow, the journey will be straight and steep free. But the question is how? The simple answer to that might be just ‘Google’, but honestly, if you want a broader perspective, you need to survey and interview people around you. Learn about them and understand their outlook on life. The solutions will come to you right away.
Don’t target everyone.
Even when you don’t plan to make your app exclusive, avoid targeting to anyone around the corner. This may look as the most convenient option but in fact, will not only confuse your end user but will also erode your business reputation. A generic marketing strategy will lead you to nowhere. It is better to make use case scenarios to think of daily life situations of a common user and how the app can play the role of a solver.
Do keep it simple.
If you are communicating your mobile application idea using technical jargons then don’t expect that a consumer will return to you for more information, let alone download the application. Avoid making things complicated just to give a good impression. Nothing annoys a user more than confusing terminology. A clear and easy to understand message will convey and elicit the right reactions from the consumer.
Don’t clutter.
At times, too many choices can prove to be so overwhelming that a user may choose not to choose anything. If you are promoting your application by marketing its several features, the customer will not be able to distinguish the most meaningful feature. Choose one unique selling proposition and stick to it. Sometimes less is more.

Do utilize social platforms.
Just because you have developed an application for mobiles does not imply that you need to stick to this channel for advertising about your idea. Social media marketing provides innumerable opportunities to make your business message bigger and better. A blend of mobile and social media is the best way to go for reaching the right audience at the right place and at a right time.

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