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reading app features

Book-Reading is a traditional hobby that has successfully transformed into a modern interest. However, the love of book reading has significantly decreased among readers after the emergence of technological gadgets. Since, people love to spend time on their smartphones and apps installed in it.

Reading is not just a hobby; it also curates a learned society. It teaches children and adults to become a better human. In fact, book reading is a sacred act that hep humans make a better society. Among the chaos of technology everywhere, we should not overlook the importance of books and promote build reading apps to promote good things in the society. On the other, book lovers also hunt for good reading to soothe their quest to read good books. A reading app is a perfect combination of modern and old-style habit. Readers are present all over the world, and a good reading app can present the right solution to them. Here are the features of a modern reading app and how a company can monetize their app to earn a good fortune out of it.

reading apps can have wonderful impact on young learners.
Reading apps can have wonderful impact on young learners.

Essential Features of a Modern App


Readers should be able to personalize their apps as they want. A reader should be provided with some popular font choices. They can adjust the fonts and size of a book’s text as per their choice. This makes reading easier and more convenient for app users. As a result, when they can comfortably read their favorite books with the app, they become regular readers and loyal users of the app.

Moreover, readers should also be given the ability to highlight pages and lines from a book. Color themes and backgrounds of a book can also be made customizable.

Personalized Content

Users s should be able to choose their favorite genras and book categories to make a plan to read their preferred books. A reading plan could help them read their favorite book just with a few taps.

Easy Search & Navigation

The ability to search for text, books, and categories so users can find everything they need. This is a feature that can make book reading a more amazing experience for book lovers. When they do not need to deal with the hassle of finding a book they love, and they are capable of reading a book just with a few taps, then they must enjoy reading in an enhanced way.

Automated Sorting

A good reading app offers offline content to the readers as well. A quick search should enable them to access their reading material in an offline mood. Ideally, the app should automatically find and sort downloaded books by series, category, genre, and author. 

sorting book categories and genres
sorting book categories and genres

Night Mode

Night mode or dark mode is an essential feature of a reading app. readers mostly read at night or at bedtime, so the ability to switch the app to the dark mode can save their eyes from excessive light.

Reading Statistics

A good reading app also aware of its readers about their reading progress. Readers should know that how much time they are spending on reading books and what type of books ther are reading and at what pace they complete a book.


Users should also be able to be read translations of popular books. The availability of translations for best-sellers and award-winning books in some common languages can make its users’ favorite as everyone can read useful books even if they are unfamiliar with foreign languages of books.


A reading app should also offer a website for its users so that they can read their favorite books even without their smartphones. All they need is to access their accounts and continue their reading.

Audio Books & Text to speech conversions

A reading app can become more of its readers’ favorite by including features that touch readers’ hearts. The ability for readers to listen to the audio version of a book can be a remarkable feature. In short, users should be able to convert text to speech to make it easier for them to hear an audio version of a book when they don’t want to read.  

Social Media Sharing

Readers should be able to share content on popular social media channels. They not only should be able to share the book they currently read, but they should also be able to directly share any line or paragraph that touches their heart. This could make reading more social and fun. This also promotes the love of reading among friends.

In-app Sharing

It is also suggestible for a reading app that readers can share and discuss on a common forum integrated within the reading app. users can share their reviews about certain books, novels, and audio quality.

Monetization of a Reading App


One of the most popular monetization strategies for reading apps is subscriptions. Readers can subscribe to the app on a monthly or yearly basis and read as much as they want. App developers can include different types of subscriptions on the basis of extra features and premium content. Popular reading apps like Kindle and Scribd use the same monetization strategy.


Another monetization strategy that a reading app can go for is sponsorship from a business having a similar customer base. Businesses can sponsor your app, and you make an earning via sponsorship.


A reading app can partner with other businesses with a similar audience. For instance, a reading app can connect with a bookstore, and whenever a reader orders a hard copy of a book using the app, the app owner gets its share in the profit.


Another popular strategy that any mobile app development company can integrate into their app is an advertisement. It doesn’t require users to pay a single penny, and they can enjoy the app. all they have to do is to watch a few ads while reading a book. This is the most popular monetization strategy for mobile app businesses, and almost every mobile app business model can use this strategy for their app monetization.

In-app purchase

A reading app can also offer users an in-app purchase. However, users must be able to read some books for free. This helps in enticing readers to the app. readers would be allowed to access premium books via in-app purchase option. A small amount needs to be paid by users to get access to the premium book and read and download the book PDF.

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