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Apple’s Next iOS 14 Update Looks a Lot Like Android

Looks like Android lovers are having a field day after Apple reveals new upcoming features of iOS 14 at its annual developer conference. Much to everyone’s surprise, the upcoming version of iOS seems more Android than ever. So, the long-standing debate on who copies who more, MAY come to a solid conclusion for this one round?


Let’s find out.

Home Screen Customization and Widgets

With iOS 14, those widgets that you could add to the Today view on iOS now can be added to the main home screen. What more is that is that the new Apple operating system allows those widgets to be placed in various parts of the home screen. This is amazing, given that this level of customization was more of a luxury enjoyed by Android users. Now, it is finally coming for the iPhone.

App Library

Finally, iPhone users will have the option to hide the apps from the home screen without having to delete them or grouping them in a folder. Much like Android’s ‘App Drawer’, where you get to view all your downloaded app and choose which ones would appear on the home screen or not.

Apple has taken a similar feature allowing the removal of apps from the home screen – which is definitely a breath of fresh air for iPhone users.

Siri on the Home screen

No more launching Siri app, halting or exiting from what you were doing, and then continuing on your conversation. Now, much like Google Assistant on Android, Siri too can now be called for help directly on the home screen.

Smooth Picture-in-Picture Video

The annoying part when you are watching a YouTube video and click on an incoming message and the video stops altogether? Well, it is no longer part of iOS 14. Now, the video can hover over apps and can be collapsed into the side of the display. You will be able to do that with FaceTime calls as well.

This feature has been existing in Android for a long time, much like ‘instant apps’ that is another feature of Android Apple has adopted for its next OS update.

App Clips

App Clips is iOS 14’s feature that enables users to download a small snippet of an app rather than the entire app itself. For instance, you can quickly pay for parking without having to download a parking app.

Apple’s Very Own Translation App

Apple revealed that it is planning on launching its own translation app. For years Google Translate has been the translation service doing all the work for everyone. Now, Apple wants to take it on with its very own version. Let’s see how that pans out.

Special Mention: Sound Recognition Feature

Apple has made some upgrades improving its accessibility. Something that was mentioned with in the leaks is now confirmed by Apple itself.

One definitely stood out for me, which is the ability of the iPhone to constantly listen for 14 different sounds that include smoke detector alarms, baby cries, water running, and many others. It’s a great feature that generates alerts assisting anyone with hearing difficulties.

There is more in stored on the Accessibility area but we are here to see the upcoming features that scream Android. What do you think?

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