how to start and promote shopify store

How to Start and Promote Shopify Store that Drive Sales

Robert Collier wisely said, that ‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. In the light of this quote, when Shopify newbies set up the whole engine ecommerce business they strive to generate sales each day. The daily continues with a hope to at least gain some amount of benefit each day. or not. So if you are jumbled up and confused either how to start and promote your Shopify store continue reading.

The fact that there are always tons of approaches to make things work, but today we are going to share a guide that can help you make at least $1 profit per day (depending on your efficiency skills and how well you apply these methods).

Regardless of how ‘less’ this might appear to many people, we know how this would mean to anyone who is struggling to earn at the very early stage of learning and practicing ecommerce business. In the end, you can increase the ration as per your product and profit margin. For those who are planning to get greater profit margins can also apply this to get things done according to their business goals.

Step #1 – A Great Niche, Product Selection & Brand

Start by choosing the niche you are interested in and passionate about, it could be anything from pins to papers. Make sure that whichever product niche you are choosing to sell online, must have high-profitable margins so you can avail healthy reward per product.


To step up any business, there is always an ambiguity in finding the potential products, if you are facing hurdles in finding it must know that it takes time to get the right product so there is nothing to worry if your products are not selling, just continue testing by the time.

The highly rewarding products are those that are included in popular niches such as pets. With products that include, pet foods, pet jewelry for owners, pet’s accessories etc. that can help you get started with good sales margins.

For your brand, we recommend starting with an easy, short and simple name for the brand name. Get quality logo design services and create pages, profiles on different platforms to create a presence to allow social networks helps you drive traffic as well.

Step #2 – A highly optimized store


Optimizing online store is all about technically making your store visible to your target audience. If you are planning to sell kids shows and moms are unable to find your store online, there is no point to be hopeful for sales. To make your store search engine friendly, you may opt for various SEO solutions and apps Shopify provide that can help your store to get more exposure toward your target audience and faster ranking. Not only search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Ask, today social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your business which eventually became of the source to promote products organically.

Here are few approaches to get better visibility:

► Keyword Research Analysis
► Quality content
► Quality product descriptions
► Quality banners, images, and logo.
► A low amount of apps – keep it simple.
► Quick load site
► Email marketing & Abandon cart
► Trust, Guarantee and authority symbols
► Lookalike Audience

Step #3 – Facebook Advertisement

image-4 (Popular Apps Based on Hybrid )

For newbies, the commonly asked question is either how much is an ideal investment for a startup ecommerce business to spend on Social Media Marketing? To which we do not suggest or provide budget plans but we surely give the plan to follow and meet the objectives in order to expect sales at least in a couple of days.

Here are most important campaign objectives that must meet in order to make good sales and conversion:

⤷ Engagement ads (To boost social proof)
⤷ Conversion ads (Purchase event immediately)
⤷ Retargeting (Custom audiences)
⤷ DPA Ads (these make a lot of money)
⤷ Lookalikes (These make even more money.)

A lot of this depends on how professionally you have handled your brand. If your site lacks attractive design, or even face some glitches you might risk losing business in no time. So get affordable assistance for Shopify Store Development to avoid all the risk factors that might affect your sales.

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