how to grow your business with Instagram

How to use Instagram for Business Marketing and Lead Generation

Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms for youngsters and adults. It is even getting more popular day by day. Most of the small and large size companies are taking interest to market their products and services on Instagram and direct their audience to the website by using Instagram posts and stories. Instagram business marketing has become a part of all small and large-size companies.

With some useful features and options, Instagram has become a hub of small businesses and entrepreneurs’ experiments. Interestingly, it doesn’t cost the owner an arm and a leg for promotions and marketing of their business and gets the job done for them in a cost-effective way.

Some Interesting Facts About Instagram

Did You know that:

  1. Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion US dollars in 2012.
  2. Instagram has reached more than 1 billion active monthly users, and it has appeared as one of the most liked social media platforms.
  3. Compared to Facebook, the global Instagram user population is mostly younger, with 18 to 24-year-old age group dominant. After Snapchat, it is considered as the most preferred app for teenagers in the US.

In short, Instagram is an increasingly growing and multi-million app. Today, many small businesses are nurturing and growing on Instagram with a strong social media channel. Let’s learn how you can start today and grow your small business with Instagram.

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Make an Instagram Business Account

The first step towards a journey is the most important one. In your Instagram business growth journey, making an Instagram business account is the first step that takes you to a new level of success and accomplishments. Create an effective and practical strategy for your Instagram account growth.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

Before following your account on Instagram, people take a look at your profile. Keep your bio catchy and informative so that people end up following you. Your bio contributes to making an impact on users and increases your followers. Make sure you successfully convince them to follow you and add value to their feeds with posts.  

So, how can you optimize your bio to attract your target audience?

Your Instagram username is probably your business name or a mix of it. Include your business name clearly, especially if your username is not your business name. Add a brief description of your business and what you do.

Keep it exciting and catchy without adding a selling-tone. Since Instagram has a unique culture and way of sales, you cannot simply sell like any other online shop or ecommerce store. You have to be persuasive and admirable enough that people ask for your products and services. Therefore, you need to craft a bio that entices the IG community. Moreover, make sure that the tone of your bio reflects an image that you want to share with your audience.

You are not necessarily required to use hashtags because they aren’t findable on bio. However, you might want to add a hashtag to your bio if you run a unique hashtag campaign that you have created.

Moreover, the bio can be changed when required, for instance, in order to support sale campaigns and promotions. You can always change your bio to promote your latest campaign, sale, or launch. And, again, don’t forget to add a link to your website or ecommerce store.

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Practical Tips To Make Instagram Work For You

Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Pictures

The quality of pictures of your Instagram posts must be impressive. Some people just don’t pay attention to this important point, and then complain about slow or no growth at all. If you want to promote your product on Instagram, make it appealing. Be aware that the same product shot in poor light with no editing can’t really get any likes or follow.

Work with Influencers to extend Reach on Instagram

Instagram is a unique platform where users and brands can display their products and services without making it too obvious. Marketing is done best when it doesn’t feel like marketing, and Instagram provides us an opportunity for it. For instance, the rise of influencer marketing has the same purpose; it doesn’t feel like marketing but does the job well.

Influencer marketing involves working with an Instagram celebrity or influencer who has a good and engaged follower count. When influencers talk about a product and aware of their audience about a new product, it does marketing and brand awareness for your product.  

Giveaways work!

Instagram has its own set of rules, and giveaway is one of them. Giveaways are a popular way of gaining followers on Instagram. You can increase your IG following by running contests and giveaways. So yes, brands that run contests and host giveaways grow their audiences faster than those that do not.

Giveaways and contests receive an immense amount of engagement because people don’t find it difficult to follow an account to get something for free. Otherwise, they don’t simply bother to share about others’ businesses that have nothing to do with them. If done in the right way, Instagram giveaway contests can result in increased followers.

Run a paid Advertisement Campaign

Instagram ads has a lot of potentials to help your account grow which eventually results in a successful small business. So, you definitely use Instagram ads to win over new customers. Instagram ads are very subtle yet very effective because it targets a related audience and appears as a part of its features like stories and posts.

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