How Major Technology Trends are Transforming the Mobile App Development Industry

major Technology trends

The digital world is alleviating at a very high pace that the progress can be seen in all of the industries and business sectors. Mobile apps have lately become an essential part of businesses across the globe. The usage and popularity of mobile apps cannot be neglected in this era. The vast popularity of this world uses smartphones, and most of the time spent on smartphones is covered by mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have overpowered many tech industries. These technologies are making a powerful impact on many businesses across the world. Both of these technologies have made a significant impact in the mobile app development industry. The collection and analysis of data rely on Artificially intelligent systems and machine learning algorithms. This helps in providing a personalized experience to mobile app users. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the mobile application development industry is one of the highest impacted industries by AI and ML.

AI is a very much mobile-oriented field, and features of machine learning can be incorporated into mobile and mobile apps in order to enhance automation and bring convenience to user experience.

AI helps to promote automation and improve customer services by reducing the chance of human errors. Besides, AI is not only making improvements in the mobile app development sector, but It also has made significant progress in the mobile app development services. For instance, the integration of AI and ML in service can make the job of developers easier and simpler by simplifying tasks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has acquired significant importance in the corporate sector. It has made its mark from the retail industry to the real estate business and farming industry to fitness products. Most of the future-oriented industries look ahead to embrace this revolutionary technology. Today, we can see many IoT-enabled apps that work as a bridge between the connected devices and our smartphones. We are about to see a drastic addition in such apps are they are all set to become a vital part of the world’s business ecosystem.

Today, Entrepreneurs, mobile app development companies, and customers everyone wants to jump on the IoT app trend. And there’s a significant impact on mobile development s more enterprises will embrace the IoT concept, there would be an increased demand for mobile app development services for building IoT apps. IoT has heavily influenced the business of mobile apps, and there are better chances in the coming years.


Wearable devices are becoming the new normal all around the world. In many parts of the world, it has gained major grounds and is progressing continuously. This has brought a drastic rise in wearable mobile app development. Even today, when we have not acquired the full potential of wearable technology, there is a lot of development in this area. In the coming years, we expect to see a new ray of benefits and revolutions with this form of technology. According to research, the wearable AI devices market produced returns of 11,182.8 million US dollars in 2018 and is expected to rise at a 29.0% CAGR in the near future.

Moreover, wearables integrated with AI have been getting increasingly popular for a couple of years. Today, wearable devices have a number of applications along with its original purpose. The revolution in this area is majorly due to technological advancements, including the integration of AI into wearables. Another significant cause of the popularity of these wearable devices is the growing health-related concerns among the users. This has the potential for opening doors to new technology domains for mobile app development companies as they can benefit from the development of interactive and innovative wearable app solutions.

Both Android and iPhone manufacturers have made wearable devices, and they are expected to develop more devices in the future as well. Consequently, mobile app developers would be provided with the task of developing wearable apps.


Blockchain technology has progressed to a great extent in a few recent years. In the coming years, blockchain can become a preferred choice for the Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector. With the integration of AI providing enhanced security and improved automation, the Blockchain mobile app development process can provide an immersive experience in the future.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Both Augmented and virtual reality have steadily grown beyond the idea of Pokemon Go. Hence these technologies are helping to provide an immersive experience to consumers, clients, and stakeholders all around the world. Contrary to a common understanding that AR and VR revolve mainly around games and interactive apps, the future welcomes us with a revolution in various industry sectors that embrace these technologies soon.

With an aim to offer better and interactive user experience and satisfaction, the mobile app development domain is expected to depend significantly on both AR and VR and AR in the years ahead.

Final Thoughts

It is quite clear that no industry sector could afford to keep it away from technological advancements and the mobile apps revolution. As mobile app development companies find and fulfill diverse user requirements, they introduce and lead ground-breaking mobile app solutions that include multiple technologies among the emerging ones. Today, business needs are evolving like never before, and it requires interaction with tech trends to meet the latest business needs.

With the latest technologies emerging and expanding at a radical pace, they have brought advancements in the mobile app development services and industries. Whether an iPhone app development or an Android app development, these tech trends have greatly influenced app development and are expected to grow more in recent years. We can certainly expect that this technological revolution will bring bigger and better advancements, and these changes will reflect upon the mobile app development industry.

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