How Customized Ecommerce Website Generate More Revenue

Neil Patel the co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg and a marketing guru says, “create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.” In the world of Amazon and eBay, where ecommerce is growing significantly and does not seem to slow down, we need to focus on possibilities to adopt in our ecommerce businesses. Since customers are expecting and relying more on online shopping store, it is important to proceed with exact expectations and demands that make the process, ambiance and experience utmost along with the time.

So, in order to cope up with latest changes, adaption, and features of ecommerce website what are the other methods to follow in order to gain more sales than ordinary.

1) Relatable Experience

When a customer spends time to shop from your store, it explains a lot about their choices, needs and amount they want to spend. So, if a customer visits your sites and within the 2 visits and purchase couple of man’s shoes sending them a promotion value of women’s shoes and dresses. Valuing customers in a way that we adopt changes that makes customers feel we know their choices to some extent rather sending letters promotions cards to what they never needed. Understanding your customer experience and making it relatable through promotions would likely increase chances that they will find time to prioritize your brand instead of sending the mail directly to trash.

2) Mobile Friendly

A recent report published on Tech Crunch revealed that in the total sale made online during 2017’s black Friday made $5.03B in an online sale, however, $2B alone were made from purchases done via mobile phone. Therefore, understanding the potential of mobile-friendly websites, you are required to shift or moved immediately to custom ecommerce website design that appeals, last and fits perfectly to all types of the screens without buffering or loading more than 3 sec.

3) Mobile Application for Ecommerce Store

Creating a customized mobile application for ecommerce is a now becoming mandatory. Around 46 percent buyers believe to shop from a company’s mobile apps rather than just shop around with other options, it is likely helping shoppers and retailers to manage things more feasibly with app. Though mobile browsers too are important to consider for speed and web appearance, with the app you are taking other advantages as well which a website cannot serve when it comes to getting attention of customers addicts to shop from their smartphone.

4) Flow of Website Design

Many websites are unexplainable even if the appearance seems much expensive. This is due to the lack of user-engagement and understanding about the website design flow. With hundred products to display from the same category would likely to leave them less engaged. With a proper segmentation, category will help them understand to proceed with things on priority list first. By keeping things folder with one page (approximately) would help you understand user-experience and their interest rate as well. Which is why giant ecommerce has a proper chain of categories where customers do not feel abandon but more tell more about what brought them here.

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