The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing Techniques

There are bulging 5.7 million mobile apps on Apple and Android Store together. With this surplus amount of apps available in the market, it is extremely difficult for mobile app development companies and businesses alike to raise their app awareness and visibility among the target audience. In this situation, it is important to leverage an effective mobile app marketing strategy to benefit your mobile app growth and revenue. 

Mobile App Marketing Process

A mobile app marketing process involves building campaigns that bring your customers together and. By reaching your audience at every stage of the marketing funnel, the app can gain the required attention from users and start earning profits. So, what are the key mobile app marketing and user engagement tactics at every stage of the app marketing?

App marketing is all about ensuring your app users are engaged throughout their entire app experience. The process typically includes

  • Discovering the app
  • Downloading the app
  • Completing the onboarding process
  • Spending adequate time
  • Staying loyal

Mobile App Marketing Funnel

Mobile app marketing begins at the awareness stage and proceeds to the consideration phase. When users start considering your product, especially a mobile app, they move into the conversion funnel and download the mobile app. Once they download your app, you are required to offer them the best customer service they are bound to retain. 

In the mobile app marketing funnel, there are three important stages, including the awareness phase, conversion phase, and user retention.

The Awareness Phase

The awareness stage is the first step towards your app’s success; do this with great zeal. In this phase, your basic goal is to attract your target app audience to the app. 

There are several ways to attract new app users and raise awareness about your app:

You can advertise your mobile app through social media, paid advertising, app store, app review websites, and QR codes. However, it’s important to focus on those channels more where most of your potential customers lie. 

To determine marketing channels that will be most effective in raising awareness of your app, you can follow a strategic process. This 5-step process helps you identify the best marketing channels for your app:

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Order
  3. Organize
  4. Examine
  5. Concentration

According to this process, initially, you will have to brainstorm and rank all marketing channels by their potential for your industry. Thus, you can focus on the channels that will effectively drive growth and revenue.

The Conversion Phase

A conversion is an action taken by a user that adds monetary value to your business. Mobile app conversion happens when a user downloads your mobile app on their device. Afterward, they set up an account and start using the app. this eventually leads them to make in-app purchases with adequate app usage on average.

The most important step in the conversion phase is to make the onboarding process simple and hassle-free for your potential users. Other ways to increase conversions include providing a clear, distraction-free registration process, ensuring an excellent user interface for your app, sending mobile push notifications to attract users to go premium.

User Retention

Mobile app retention involves several techniques, including in-app messaging, loyalty programs, push notifications, SMS marketing, and customer surveys.

It is beneficial for your mobile app growth to keep surveying your existing users. It helps you to understand your customers’ interests and preferences. The insights and information you can get from your customers are inevitable that you cannot acquire from anywhere else. Keep listening and communicating with your customers to keep them engaged and retained.

How Effective Is Your Mobile App Marketing?

You can easily get caught up in false metrics. You are losing sight of what’s really important if you consider “monthly app downloads” your primary measure.

Before you even launch any marketing campaign, you will know if your mobile app marketing is successful. What matters is what questions you and your team ask one another.

What will determine whether the application will succeed or fail?

Having 1 million downloads and being featured on Google Play and Apple’s App Store isn’t impossible after all. But what’s the point if it doesn’t drive revenue or, worse yet, if there’s no system in place to keep users coming back? So, what you can do to keep users coming back and making revenue from your app. 

Metrics That Are Important For App Marketing

Active Users Daily/Monthly on Average

A special emphasis is placed on “active users.” If you want your business to benefit, you must monitor the number of users who take actions that generate value.

On the other hand, you probably won’t be able to determine how well your mobile app marketing is performing if you do focus only on daily and monthly users.

App Session Length

The session length of your app refers to the average amount of time it takes for a user to actively use the app from log-in to log-out. How much you need to improve in this area depends on the kind of app you have. For instance, if your app falls in the gaming and entertainment category, then users spending around a minute or two on the app is disastrous. However, if your app tells about food intake or calorie consumption, then just a few minutes are more than enough for a user to check their daily needs. So spending around 120 seconds on some apps can be enough while insufficient for others. 

Acquisitions Segmented by Source

Measuring acquisitions give you a better understanding of the sources that drive the most conversions. This, as a result, helps you decide where to spend your marketing budget. You can decide between several different marketing channels and choose the one that works best for your app. 

If Facebook or Instagram ads generated 100 app downloads per month at $5 each, but Google Search ads generated the same at double cost, what would you plan to do? Clearly, it would be wiser to increase Facebook ads as the customer acquisition costs are quite low.

With the employment of the above-mentioned strategies, you are likely to achieve the desired revenue for your app.

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