Growth Hack for Mobile App – 2017

We are in the era where ideas no longer suffer in our brains and die with us. Which is why we tend to have millions of startups and entrepreneurs to appreneurs aiming to own a significant position in the digital age where people get things done under their fingertips and living your dreams has no longer a myth.

Talking about shifting era from research, implementation, and experimenting ideas and struggling to make an idea a success, about a huge concern for mobile app marketers, app holders and tech-communities that is to turn an app into a thrilling-revenue generating mobile app. For which, it is required to constantly strive, and find ways to meet app needs precisely about making it successful by all means right after your app release from app development services.

mobile app marketing and growth Hack

With such objectives, being into the daily struggle and everyday discussions, webinars, conferences and research exchange programs we observe that each app goes through similar stages of concerns and practices such as word of mouth, social media marketing, ASO, paid to free of cost mobile app marketing campaign etc. But unfortunately, it loses its effectiveness after a certain period of time and leaves you with even bigger obscure issues that are hard to resolve without experts. Further, It demotivates to apply any more strategies in order achieve goals and to gain downloads.

Consequently.. We assumed that your app has taste everything to perform better and now that state with limited approaches has stressed out the situation to give one further push to it. Although, new research already revealed that it is normal losing 80% of mobile users, let us reveal new growth hacks which you probably, or thoroughly have studied or overlooked on a promotion plan. It is a new thrill in the app-tech community and we are sharing its best advantages right here.

Growth Hack – Ingenious Way

App Development

While you are worried to gain more download, focus on users who are currently active on apps, as they should matters the most at the beginning and to the end. These active users and their activities will lead you to identify places that are working as progressive components of your app or vice versa

It is user-experience that brings an app forward to the main screen of mobile and not the number of downloads your app has gained.

Remember, users and their experience should hold first priority to apply this new Growth Hack which is to calculate the experience. Sounds insane? Well Right. As we are unable to calculate the frequency of mobile application user-experience we have figured out an ultimate way to monitor behavior by visualization tool.

Visualization tool allows you to observe your app user’s actions in order to study either which part of your application is being ignored or being used more frequently than rest. To analyze and observe your end-user gestures, try App Aanalytics, Appsee touch maps that help you identify user-specific touches.

app CTA - growth hack

For instance, it helps you identify following whys:
– Why users quit the app without proceeding to check out?
– Is my app CTA’s getting any Hit?
– Why user performed a task but quitted in the middle?

Heat map also allows you to clarify actual results and impact it leaves and show either how many of users have properly signup your application. From app features to button that are neglected regardless of any reason, heat map highlights and narrow down objectives to work on.

Once you recognize from weak to potential areas of your app features, it will limit your attention span to focus only on significant parts to make app experience more effective to fully utilize user’s attention. Learn that all progress from marketing to social media, has an aim to drive traffic to your app, regardless how simple an app may seem to a user, their experience will lead to accurate your application according to expectation your app gives to potential customers.

App verticals have been dealing with hundreds of queries each day, being a top-notch mobile app development company we understand that investment in app development services is not the only way to boost app downloads but to design applications that are up to the audience and standards of an app store and give unforgettable user-experience. If you are researching or planning to get your ideas transformed into a futuristic mobile application contact us for our most demanding app development services. Our comprehensive knowledge, dedicated team has more effective to plans to design apps without having to spend on features that are not appreciated in today’s app arena hence secure your app with assure success.

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